Friday, 24 April 2015


It's the turn of the Upper East Side this week as Anne and I discussed scarves, texting, posh underwear, and the complete bizarre-ness that is the Gossip Girl pilot.  You can stream it below....

Or you can download it here, OR we are now on iTunes!  So you can get all that iTunes goodness here.

Thursday, 23 April 2015


It's hard coming up with titles for posts sometimes.  Other ideas I had for this one include, "warm jacket bare legs", "dat dress tho", "LACE TRIM SLEEVES!" and last but not least, "I LIKE TO WEAR BLACK WHEN IT'S SPRING-SUNNY NOT SUMMER-SUNNY BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT'S STILL A BIT CHILLY BUT THE BLACK MATERIAL HOLDS THE HEAT WELL *MUM FACE*".  

I should have gone with that one probably.  

Anyway, this dress is from Glamorous and I do really like that it's black!  I wasn't lying earlier.  I really want it to be warm enough for bare legs but it's just not.  However you can counteract that by wearing a really warm coat or jacket.  You probably already realised that.  You're probably smarter than me.   Look, I've been a fan of these guys for a while, they make a lot of really great clothes (their shorts in particular are a favourite) and I LOVE this dress.  

Monday, 20 April 2015


No, seriously.  Have you seen the Orange Is The New Black season three trailer?

OK, well are you watching the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's trashy BUT AMAZING series, Outlander?

It has time travel and witches and kilts!  What's not to like?

Also can't wait for VEEP to come back, oh my goodness.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is my hero.


Last but not least, I saw the first two episodes of the adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell last week and it is tremendous.  It's perfect.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


There is no denying my love of ASOS, I'm pretty vocal about it, it's not something I try to hide.  They know what's up, Donell Jones style.  ASOS have been going pretty full on into the '70s trend, something I'm very pleased about, and now have moved on from suede and crochet and are exploring disco.  Personally, I'm a fan.  I like prints.  I like options, and their seemingly inspired by Studio 54 pieces mean there are more choices when it comes to picking outfits for the summer/at festivals that aren't just suede and crochet.  I want to wear this bold print dress (which has already sold out, yikes!) rather than a floaty frock, and sequins can knock on my door any day of the week and receive a very warm welcome.  I also love any clothes that make wearing my silver shoes feel acceptable.  So yeah, here are my two current favourite festival outfits that aren't festival outfits.  I guess it might be tricky to walk in platform shoes over mud and grass, but if everyone else is going barefoot you can just join them when it gets too tough.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


This week Anne and I watched the pilot of that seminal TV hit The Wire.  Neither of us have watched the show properly so we probably will really offend loads of Stringer Bell/Jimmy McNulty uberfans with our weird thoughts and uniformed opinions.  Yay!

Download it here, or we are now on iTunes!  So you can get all that iTunes goodness here.

Monday, 13 April 2015


Visited Hipping Hall last week, largely influenced by the fact it's one of the restaurants/hotels Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon visit in series one of The Trip (there's a bit about what the filming was like on the hotel's website).  We didn't do any impressions of The Two Ronnies over dinner, but that was mainly because the food completely dominated our conversation.  It was bonkers good, it was spectacular - they even won at desserts, which are so hard to get right.  We both had the chocolate sphere filled with custard, sat alongside crunchy honeycomb and salty caramel with a scoop of mandarin ice cream.  If I could have had three courses of that, I would have.  Also, I know this isn't important to everyone, but the bread and butter were frickin' perfect.  The hotel itself is everything you want a country house to be - cosy, warm, luxurious (we even had a little sitting area in our room!) and surrounded by tiny brand new lambs and fat old mucky cows.  It's also quite near Brontë country so you can stand in a nearby field and shout for Heathcliff/pretend to be Kate Bush.  And you definitely should.


Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Dear Dahlia

It's me.  Hi, how are you?  I'm a longtime admirer, first time wearer.  And, wow, I have so many things to say to you. 

1.  Dogtooth!  Blue dogtooth in a co-ord!  You know when you see something and love it so much but then you love it twice as much because it's brand stinkin' new?  Well I never thought blue dogtooth would be possible but man, I'm so glad it is. 

2. I really like your ruffles.  I like the way they go around the edges and up the sleeve but I especially like the ones around the neck.  They feel Victorian and "proper" but they're on blue dogtooth! (See above). 

3. Damn this kilt.  And this jacquard material.  It's so pleasing in its weight, which isn't to say that this is a heavy kilt, but more that I know it's not going to fly up on a breezy day.  Although even if it did that wouldn't be a problem because this skirt is LINED.   Not enough clothes are lined these days. 

4.  Your spring collection is a SPRING. COLLECTION. It's bright.  It's lacy.  It's pastels.  It's fresh.  It's positively bouncy. 

5.  You're designed by sisters!  I have a sister!  We're basically the same person. 

6.  Do you want to share my easter egg with me?  (I'd have to buy a new easter egg to share with you because I already ate mine, but I would totally do that). 


Elizabeth x 

Friday, 3 April 2015


ZARA (I feel like their name should always be written in caps) are KILLING IT (also should be written in caps).  They busted out this bangin' SS15 collection, which is piles of suede and denim, but also patterns!  And blouses with black ties!  And gladiator sandals - which I'm actually not that into but if you are then ZARA is your friend, my friend.  

So here I've taken their denim button through skirt and worn it two ways.  Pretty much because the weather in London is completely nuts at the moment.  I keep thinking I can have bare legs then the wind steps in and assures me very strongly that I can not.  I think this is commonly known as the spring/summer transitional dressing problem.  I like this skirt, it's simple, but I know it's going to be a summer staple, and with those pockets I can potentially leave the house without a bag,  That's something I value greatly in clothing, the potential to be bag-less.  

The first outfit, above, I wore it with a white jumper, my ASOS leopard print coat, black tights and Vagabonds, and then below I'm wearing it with a white knitted vest from ZARA (they have them in loads of colours and they're great), my Monki shoes, and my leather jacket.  I always mean to wear my leather jacket more and then forget.  It's a real problem.  I have included photos that show me reacting to the wind, because I want to document my struggle.   I feel like there should be some way people could vote for their favourite, but look, this isn't a democracy. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015


We have a new album coming out on the 25th of May!  It's called Bad Love, and we've written, produced and mixed it all ourselves, so we're really excited/terrified about people hearing it.  We worked with the brilliant Charlotte Rutherford on the artwork and photos - we had wanted to work with her for ages, she's a genius.  And a big inspiration for us was Point Horror covers of the '90s, it was a thrill to try and re-create the feel of those illustrations with her.  Anyway, the first single from the album is below!

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


This time Anne and I watched and then talked about the pilot of Girls, and who would have guessed it would be the show that divided us more than any other so far?  But then that's the great thing about great TV - the conversations.  Even if the conversations ruin friendships, marriages and even podcasts (our one didn't do any of those things, but can you blame a girl for trying to create some drama?  Speaking of drama, we need to do The Hills).  Anyway, listen to us argue over Adam below.