Friday, 2 October 2015


It's my birthday!  It's not a big one, although personally I think every birthday is colossal and should be treated like King Kong scaling The Empire State Building.  In other words carefully and respectfully, but with the full acceptance that disaster could occur at any moment.  I'm trying to dress more grown up because I am a grown up now, or at least I think other people would consider me a grown up.  In my head I'm still 17.  This outfit is all from Next, I'm so into their clothes at the moment, these loafers go with everything, even pajamas.  And the skirt and blouse make me feel like Margaret Thatcher at Studio 54.  Actually they make me feel nothing like that, but it's my birthday so back off!  I've been looking for a peacoat for ages, trying to do that '60s thing (pretend you know what I mean, nod along), and I love any bag that's big enough to fit in a book and a bar of chocolate.  Or an entire chocolate cake - let's be honest.  Thank you so much if you've come to see us play on this tour, we're having the best one ever.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Julia Louis Dreyfus, the absolute QUEEN.  Anne and I love this show very much.  It's inspiring, hilarious, and all about people working hard in a hard world.  Holla if you love it too, and if you also wish you had Tony Hale AKA Gary as your bag man.  

You can stream it below:

Or you can download it here, OR we are also on iTunes!  You can get all that iTunes goodness here.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I had forgotten how sweet the love story between Suzy and Sam is in Moonrise Kingdom.  They're two lost souls, both young (very young in fact - the actors were only about 12 at the time of production) who run away together after meeting backstage at a school play.  Oh crap - SPOILER ALERT, sorry.  It's risky to hang a story off two actors who are pretty green, the supporting cast is brilliant, but we have to really care about Sam and Suzy or the film doesn't work.  Which is especially challenging when you mix in Wes Anderson's writing and directing style.  While his shots are always full of perfectly picked and placed props, the emotions expressed by the characters are minimal and subdued.  I think most teenagers who run away together aren't as collected as Sam and Suzy, I feel like there would be more tears and outbursts and less dancing in underwear, but it doesn't matter.  It's beautiful.  Sam breaks your heart when he talks about being misunderstood by his peers in the orphanage where he lives, and Suzy is one of those people who seems like she's sorted and knows what's up, but underneath is definitely a big quivering mess.  

This is them when they first meet.  Sam is in his "at home" Scout uniform.  Yellow and green of course.  And Suzy is playing a bird in the play.  She did her own makeup and it's fabulous.

After this meeting Suzy gives Sam her address, charmingly written on the playbill.  And so he writes to her, while his pals fix cars in the background and he's wearing his stripy jumpsuit.  

Suzy writes back from her home, Summers End.  I really enjoy the work of her little brothers, who are obsessed with musical instruments and orchestras.  They seem to be very serious, and I like serious children.  I also like Suzy's outfit, peter pan collar blouse with a checked pinafore dress.  She tells Sam about the trouble she gets into at school, writing her confessions on pink paper.  

This is her getting into trouble at school.  She has a different coloured pinafore dress from the other girls because she's special.  

Now this is important guys.  You need to pay attention.  Suzy has this same dress in several different fabrics, below we have it in red and white gingham. 

That blue eyeshadow <3  You just know it has a sickly sweet floral smell. 

And then on the day she runs away she's wearing the same dress in this thicker jacquard pink material.  She knows what suits her I guess. 

Sam arrives in his "away" Scout uniform, still yellow and green but far more suitable for outside and difficult terrains.  

Sam has brought his crucial water supply, sleeping bag and tent.  Suzy has bought her cat, binoculars and record player.  

Look at their little faces, I just want to squeeze them and go, "Aw you're so cute!" in a really patronising way. 

Sam has a lot of badges, buttons and pins on his uniform, all of which I covet.  

He also has this super dope canoe.  Who doesn't love a cool guy with a sweet ride?

Hey, are you looking for a really good idea for a Halloween outfit? - see below. 

In her mustard suitcase Suzy has brought a lot of books, all with excellent illustrated covers.  This is an Anderson joint, what did you expect?!  She tells Sam he can borrow them.  I would borrow them and never give them back.

Sam is more into painting, and after setting up camp, Suzy and her cat pose for him on the pebbles. 

Then they put daisies in their hair and my heart cannot stand it and explodes all over the screen. 

I'd forgotten how awkward and therefore realistic the scene on the sand is, when they dance and then kiss.  They look so uncomfortable and nervous and it's freaking adorable. 

Suzy has several pairs of saddle shoes in different colours.  I think the red and white ones are my favourite.  They're not pictured here and for that I can only apologise.  This shot is ideal Instagram fodder though, amirite?

Oh crap, the parents have found them.  Suzy and Sam are busted the next morning, sleeping in their little yellow tent.  

Secretly I'm really happy at this point of the film because I know it means we're shortly going to see Jason Schwartzman looking unbelievably cool as a badass and morally dubious Scout Leader.  Look at him.  Look also at Suzy's pink cape and berry beret.  

This outfit below is outstanding.  The combination of her knee high socks and those red saddle shoes I was talking about earlier, is radder than a rad thing that gets made Mayor of Rad Town. 


I don't want to spoil this bit of the film for you so let's just focus on the final outfits in the film.  Suzy in that same old dress but this time the fabric is yellow.  Because Sam was wearing yellow.  I die.  She also has a bug earring which is a really important plot point (kind of), but you need to find out about that for yourself. 

Sam meanwhile is wearing his mini Island Police uniform because something really lovely and moving has happened.  

It has something to do with this guy on the left...

Who looks pretty fresh you have to admit.  

Close up of their outfits?  You got it.  

That's true love.  And I felt it.  Although I possibly felt more true love for Suzy's house because I'm a grown up and am into property and having nice shelves and a window seat.  

I actually tried to dress like Suzy the other day in some Dahlia clothes.  That's here.  Sam + Suzy 4eva.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


We've covered the 4 Non Blondes classic, 'What's Up?'  I remember hearing this song all the time on the radio when it came out, I was so into it, but didn't really get what it was about.  But I remember my older sister and her friends singing it really loudly on the school bus.  That was awesome.  WHAT'S GOING ON?  Also we're on tour this week, come see us!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I'm going to do a proper analysis of the outfits in Moonrise Kingdom soon as that's really important and crucial to the continuation of the human race.  However, I feel pretty confident in saying that if Suzy was a real life character and had access to the internet and Dahlia's website, she would see this lemon coloured coat and say "Yes.  This is ideal running-away-with-my-boyfriend-for-the-weekend clothing".  Suzy would wear it with knee high socks, because Suzy wears everything with knee high socks, but I'm not 15 years old anymore (sadly/luckily depending on how much you enjoyed your teen years).  Instead I'm wearing it with my Orla Kielys from last season, and FYI their new collection with Clarks is as dope as Edward Norton the Scoutmaster.   By the way, the dress is also from Dahlia.