Friday, 19 December 2014


I recently finished watching 'Gilmore Girls' for the first time.  Now when someone asks me if they should start watching this TV show classic of the early 2000s, I say immediately, "No.  Absolutely not.  I would not recommend that".  The reason?  Because if you start, you will not be able to stop. For several months I lived in Stars Hollow, the town the Gilmore women call home.  I cried when they cried, my heart would beat faster and faster before every kiss, and I fell completely in love with them both.  Now that's a great thing for a show to have, right?  Characters you adore and want to spend endless amounts of time with?  Well the problem for me was that, since I was coming late to the party, I could spend  - not endless - but seven seasons of time with them.  And I did.  Around season five it got to the point where I was looking forward to it being over, because then I'd be able to get on with my life.  I was so invested in them and their stories that I couldn't give it up, but at the same time I realised that until I finished watching, I wouldn't think about much else.  It was like being addicted to a drug that you know they're going to stop making on a certain date, so you carry on using the drug until then.  And you know it will be hard when you can't get the drug anymore but you're also secretly going to be relieved because being addicted to something is kind of tricky when you need to have a life and see your friends and work and stuff. 

This is one of the best shows I have ever watched, it's funny, it's smart, it's consistently engaging from beginning to end, and I strongly recommend you steer clear of it.

I'm going to be doing a rundown of some of my favourite moments for each character, I warn you this post contains tonnes of spoilers, but that's OK because you're not going to start watching it anyway are you?  ARE YOU?  First up is Lorelai Gilmore, mother to Rory, daughter to Emily and Richard, inn-owner, lover of good men, and coffee addict.  If I ever have kids I will  base my parenting style solely on how she is with Rory, and I say that as someone with incredible parents who I love very much and who, I think, did a great job with me and my sister (although it feels arrogant to say that you've been raised well).  

1.  When she supported Rory's decision to go to Yale, even though she'd always wanted her to go to Harvard.  This was an especially excellent slice of parenting because Rory's grandparents were desperate for her to go to Yale, so naturally that would have made Lorelai feel weird, but she pushed those resentful, rebellious emotions to one side and supported her daughter. 

2.  When she explained to her mother how to use the internet.

3.  When she was estranged from Rory and let her go off and do her own thing, even though her daughter was becoming more and more like the person Lorelai had tried to avoid turning into twenty years earlier.  Seriously, their reunion made me sob with joy more than any other relationship moment in the show.  

4.  When she knew her best friend was pregnant because Sookie's tastebuds stopped working.

5.  Everytime she sassed Luke and further cemented their onscreen relationship as a classic Hollywood couple - the grumpy but dreamy man, and the sharp-witted but vulnerable woman. 

6.  Whenever it snowed. 

7.  When she was at home watching 'A Star Is Born', and Judy Garland is singing 'The Man Who Got Away' and then Luke knocks on the door know. 

8.  The Friday night dinner where she, Rory, Emily and Richard sort out all of their big built up issues.  It's depicted as a long montage, at points they're all shouting, then they're eating sorbet, then they're laughing, then they're fighting again, then they're completely exhausted.  It goes on, and on, and it's one the best bits of TV I've ever seen.  

9. The crazy and creative ways she celebrates her daughter's birthdays. 

10.  How she talks along with every film. 

11.  When she is a super successful business woman and runs her own hotel, but it's no biggy. 

12.  When she eats junk food.  Constantly. 

13.  How she maintains her relationship with her mother, and always bats off Emily's put-downs with sarcasm and a shrug. 

14.  Her love of coffee. "If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one"

15. When she frickin' proposes. 

I know I've missed loads, so feel free to add more...

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


'Beyond Clueless', the documentary directed by Charlie Lyne, which we soundtracked, is going to be showing in cinemas around the UK from January the 23rd!  If you want to go and see it you can find out all the info regarding dates on the film's website.  It will also be showing at loads of Picturehouse cinemas on the evening of January 27th.  We love the Picturehouse and the team who work there, so we're all very chuffed about this.

In the meantime you can gaze at this poster created by Charlie and some of the other amazing bods in the 'Beyond Clueless' team.  Sadly Jeremy and I don't have any artistic skills, so we (thankfully) didn't contribute.  I'm totally in awe of their expertise.

Monday, 15 December 2014


We've just returned from the dreamiest holiday in St. Lucia (thanks Mum and Dad!) where we stayed in an amazing hotel, with bodacious food, excellent activities - BEACH VOLLEYBALL ANYONE? - and hot, hot, hot sun.  Oh and cats!  So.  Many.  Cats.

The island is beautiful, we took a trip to the rainforest and climbed a zillion feet in a sky gondola, then our guide grabbed starfruit off a tree for us.  I don't ever want to eat fruit in any other way, sorry Sainsbury's.  I packed my new Alice McCALL dress (I don't know why the 'Call' is in Caps, it always makes me feel like I should shout that bit of her name), which is decorated with a watermelon print.  Wow this post is very fruit-heavy.

I have been a long distance admirer of the Australian born designer's clothes, and when I saw this on sale I figured it was finally my chance to own a slice of her particular brand of heaven.  I guess I will have to put it away now until next Summer, but who cares, it's CHRRIIIISSSTTMMAAAAAASSSS.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


This isn't really an outfit post, it's a jumper post, because I love this bit of wool a lot.  Especially since it reminds me of one of the greatest films of all time - a movie I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  It's from ASOS and it's super soft and cosy, I've been wearing it loads around the house.  Also it fulfills a lot of buried desires because I still wish I was a witch.  And a teenager.  Speaking of the occult, have you seen the new video by everyone's new favourite band JUCE?  It's magical.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


I'd never made gingerbread before, but it's super easy, you just mix everything together with a bit of egg and golden syrup till it forms a dough, then you roll it out and cut into shapes.  I love baking with golden syrup, it reminds me of being a kid and putting it on my porridge in the morning. I would let it pour off the spoon, transfixed by the caramel ooze slowly dribbling onto the oats.  And consequently would always be late leaving the house for the school run.  These biscuits are great because you can add  more or less cinnamon and ginger, and can use different flavours of icing, next year I want to try lemon.  For decoration I got some christmas cookie cutters and edible silver stars and balls, and melted a lot of dark chocolate.  Some of which was left over and had to be eaten by me.  What a tragedy.

Makes about 30 biscuits.

350g plain flour, with a bit extra for when you're rolling out the dough
175g soft brown sugar
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
125g butter
3 tsp ground ginger (more or less can be added depending on taste)
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 egg
4 tbsp golden syrup

Preheat the oven to 180C.
Mix together the flour, butter, bicarbonate of soda, ginger and cinnamon.  Using a food processor or electric beaters, keep mixing until you have the consistency of breadcrumbs, then stir in the sugar.  In a separate bowl mix the egg and the golden syrup together, then pour that into the flour/butter/spices mixture.  Mix it all up until you have a smooth dough.  Put that in the fridge for about 15 minutes while you line a couple of baking trays with greaseproof paper.

Roll out the dough until it's about 0.5cm thick, and cut out shapes with the cookie cutters.  Keep doing this until you've used up all the dough.  You might have to bake them in several batches - my kitchen was covered in gingerbread christmas trees.  They should only take about 12-15 minutes to cook, and will end up a deep caramel colour.  Take them out the oven and let them stand for about 10 minutes before moving them onto a wire cooling rack.

I decorated mine with dark chocolate - I just melted about 200g and dipped the biscuits into it, then left them to cool on greaseproof paper in the fridge.  I also used glace icing.  I mixed together icing sugar and water till I had quite a thick consistency and then used a spoon to drizzle it over the biscuits.  You could also make buttercream icing and pipe that on, or use different kinds of chocolate.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Before she moved to LA, Emmy was the Woman In Music I was closest to, we pooled our weird obsessions with Sweet Valley High, Dawson's Creek and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's friendship and turned them into odd projects, bonkers songs and potential TV and film scripts, and I adored her.  Now when I'm waking up she's going to sleep, I scroll through her Instagram pictures feeling jealous of all her beautiful American friends, wondering what hilarious thing she's just said to them to make them all fold over laughing.  We still send emails but now there are acres of time between replies, and when I'm in the US, she's over here and vice versa.  Somehow we've found ourselves in a long distance relationship, and I'll be honest, I'm struggling.

I first heard her demo of this song a long time ago, and played it on repeat then.  Now it's bolder, warmer, but far more haunting.  I'm completely obsessed, mainly because I'm positive it must be about me, right Emma?  Actually wait, no it's about me, but it's about my feels towards her new life.  She's so perceptive.  Whatever, I  miss my exceptionally talented pal, and this song is perfect.

Monday, 24 November 2014


First off, seen so many good films recently - Mr. Turner, Interstellar, Imitation Game, Hunger Games...You know, all the "Game" films.  None of which has anything to do with this outfit, but it's nice to talk about things you've enjoyed, right?  Another thing I've been very much enjoying is the Selfridges Food Hall, I just go there to get my milk and stuff.  NOT REALLY.  What I really mean is that I've been very much enjoying the Cocodoughs they sell there, which are just Cronuts under a different name.  Would a Cronut by any other name taste as delicious?  The answer is categorically, yes.  These ones are made by Cocomaya and you can get them at places other than Selfridges, but I like a trip there to ogle their window displays dripping in gold and sleepy Father Christmas's.  

Anyway.  This outfit is yet another attempt to do a high street version of the Saint Laurent A/W 2014 collection, which had a lot of shirts with black neck ties, black opaque tights, and the mens collection showed amazing new ways to wear a leather jacket.  The shorts are from Missguided, as are the shoes, the shirt is from ASOS, as is the bag, and my old faithful leather jacket is so ancient I can't remember where it's from.  

Friday, 21 November 2014


Finally made a trip to Patty & Bun, burger purveyors famous for their great quality patties and incredible rosemary sea salt chips.  Oh my lord those chips, I was gasping for water after eating them, but they're so worth it.  The stars of the show were definitely the burgers (Ari Gold is my favourite).  They're way more sloppy than Meat Market/Mission/Liquor, but they nudge their way to the top with amazing relish and bright yellow cheese that tastes unexpectedly creamy and fantastic.  In fact the two men next to us ordered three between them so they could have one and a half.  On Monday.  At lunchtime.  I was very impressed.  At the James Street restaurant you will always have to queue - we got there bang on at opening time and it was already full - but apparently the Liverpool Street branch is larger and therefore less busy.  I will have to selflessly pay them a visit to find out if this is true.  

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


This is a piece I wrote for The Debrief (who I love) about some scary/exciting style reboots headed our way. 

We have some news. And you might want to take a seat for it. Look, there's no good way to say this – the Noughties are back.

We know, we know, but trust us: the catwalks in London, Paris and NY have long been hinting that a revival of the decade of dubious style is coming, and we can't ignore it any longer.  This time next year, we'll all be lusting over low-rise jeans, long sleeve mesh tops, and square toed ankle boots. The word “Bootcut” will be Googled more than ever before. And suddenly we'll feel drawn to our GHD's for straight, brittle hair that lies flat against our sparkly cheeks. You never, know we might even start investing in glittery butterfly clips and G-Shock watches.  

Maybe we're over-reacting. Perhaps some people are thrilled about this new development. 'Finally!' they'll shout, grabbing their asymmetrical dresses and silver strappy sandals.  'Yes!' they'll air punch, pulling out their cargo trousers and cropped camouflage tops. But for those of you concerned by this news we're here to help. In times of trouble and confusion it always helps to turn to that one reliable source of fashion inspiration – films and TV shows.  And thank god, once again they've saved us. The screen sirens of yore (well, ten years ago) can show us the light through the gap in our flared jeans.

Here's a few throwback TV style icons you might want to take inspiration from: 


One way to do the tricky trend that is bootcut jeans Marques Almeida style is the 'Charmed'/'Buffy' way. It seems witches and vampire killers really know how to nail this look. So maybe wear those bootcuts with a floaty camisole and a pointless chunky belt. There should be echoes of Britney's double denim, and also the stage outfits for irish pop outfit B*witched. No seriously guys, you might want to start considering fabric that is “embellished”.  

  And why just wear the jeans when you can also wear a matching long sleeved denim T-shirt? Almeida's collection with Topshop, all lime green silk vests and crinkly blazers, is ideal for some demon hunting Halliwell sisters style. How about a frayed denim skirt worn with an open taffeta shirt and a plain white tee? Or a knitted pencil skirt and a bucket hat?  Ideal for Buffy in the summer months, when her boyfriend is seriously considering sucking her blood. 


The most popular girls of North Shore High wear pink on Wednesdays, but Moschino's women wear it seven days a week judging by the latest collection. Jeremy Scott is clearly doing his best to make the label top of the Instagram pops, drawing our eyes to his new Barbie-inspired collection faster than the Elle Woods bend-and-snap could. Pink is clearly going to be huge, as are chain belts, sequins and roller-skating. And it looks like co-ords could be staying, especially when we're talking about tracksuits that you definitely don't work out in. Well, maybe a smidge of arm toning with two 1lb bright pink weights.  

All of this is immediately remiscient of Regina George's trend setting cherry blossom hued kilts and her trademark suburban mall glamour. See also her mother, who slides her surgically enhanced bosoms into a velour tracksuit the same shade as cotton candy.

What was most notable about the Moschina show, fyi, was the energy and enthusiasm of the models.  Their matching big blonde blow-outs bounced as they grinned their way down the runway, they were perfectly embodying those high school girls that get stared at as they glide past the lockers. This look is hard to pull off, but it's worth a try if you don't want to end up in fashion's burn book.


The preppy schoolgirl look never really seems to go away. She's there every season, looking down on us all, flicking her hair and picking some non-existent lint off her navy blazer and crisp white blouse. That said, Chanel's collection had a decidedly 2000s spin on this tried and tested look.

Alongside the pinky purple tweed fitted suits and thigh length breton cardigans they mixed in metallic sequins, opaque tights with pale two piece skirt suits, floaty white mini dresses just perfect for rolling around the Hamptons, and floral print shirts with ruffles. It hit the perfect Blair Waldorf note of 'Hey I'm young and still into hair-bands, pastels and petty arguments over boys, but that doesn't mean I don't have the money to dress like a grown up.'

Plus there was gold EVERYWHERE. Gold belts, gold lurex tights, even gold brogues. Gold means money. Upper East Side money.


Marissa Cooper was the ultimate 2000s California girl. She was a beach babe with caramel skin and caramel hair, and she was loaded. Of course she was also a teenager, so while she had the money to strut down the hallway in full-on Chanel, she was also very casual and comfortable. And like most of the noughties icons on this list, she liked her denim. Being a West Coast socialite she was drawn to summery colours and she totally rang the boho alarm: lots of bangles, layers of necklaces (including pearls, naturally), peasant blouses, and asymmetrical skirts.

There's a bit of Roland Mouret's new collection about her, likewise Jonathan Saunders, but the collections I think she would have really loved this season are Burberry Prorsum, with a splash of Etro. The latter saw models strolling down the runway in midi skirts decorated with big sunset-hued sequins, worn with fitted denim jackets and sneakers. Perfect for the statuesque Marissa when she's on the hoof from Math class. And since she was a collector of bold accessories I think she would have lusted after these multi-coloured bowling bags.  Meanwhile Etro's collection of 2000s Sienna Miller-esque dresses and intense embroidery. Marissa would never have worn an entire look from the collection, but I could see her in one of the dresses, probably worn with a woven belt round her hips, and a scarf round her head.  Oh, and bangles. Always bangles.