Saturday, 29 December 2012


I'm writing from a Starbucks in Mexico.  The internet where we're staying is pretty spotty so Jeremy and I are here sucking up the wi-fi like the awful addicts we are.  Is London OK?  Does it miss me?

I am really super dooper excited about 2013, for many reasons, but the one I'm going to talk about today is a project called 'Beyond Clueless'.  We've social-networked it already on Twitter and Facebook, so apologies if you're bored already.  But you know what, this is your life, take responsibility for your own entertainment.

So, 'Beyond Clueless' is the awesome project belonging to Charlie Lyne, the brain and blonde hair behind Ultraculture.  I met Charlie pre-Summer Camp when I was editing the arrogant mess that was "lifestyle blog" Platform.  (Sorry Blaise).  Charlie was one of my favourite writers (the other being Sam Wolfson) and whenever he did something it would arrive perfect and complete.  Unfortunately he pretty quickly stopped writing for us because he wanted to study.  Then Ultraculture popped up about a year later and it became clear this guy didn't need to write for anybody but himself.  I think Charlie was only 18 at the time.  Or maybe even younger.  I'm sure he'll correct me.  Charlie's a perfectionist which is just one of his many skills I envy.

I tried to ingratiate myself into Charlie's life as much as possible because I could see he was awesome and desperately wanted to attach myself to his coattails.  In the years since he started it Ultraculture has grown and grown, with live events and great interviews, but above all Charlie's voice.  His writing can be devastating   He can cut up movies and show you their insides.  He can pinpoint the perfection of a movie poster, or direct you towards the period when every film was graded snotty yellow and teal.  He used the c-word is his recent review of 'The Hobbit'.  He's hilarious.  I recently saw a friend who works in marketing for a big film company who revealed that a lot of people in the industry get scared when they see Charlie's name on a list for a premiere, so strong is his opinion and ability to pull something apart.  (Obviously, I was filled with glee).

Now Jeremy and I are (potentially) working on something with Charlie.  He's finally making a film.  A documentary film about what was the best period ever for teen films and TV:1995 to 2004.  It is, of course, a subject Jeremy and I also feel very strongly about, and when Charlie does something, you want to be involved in it.  And you can be!  Nice segue, right?  Charlie is doing a Kickstarter to fund the film, and the things you can get are pretty amazing.  If you're into it, great, if not no worries.  You can just read Ultraculture for free.  Anyway.  I guess this is really just a love letter to my friend, and probably a bit gross, but I cannot recommend Charlie's endeavors enough.  He's going to be something big and you can be a part of his first project.  (Disclosure: I am heavily biased.)

Here is the link.

My favourite thing about this Kickstarter so far has been other film reviewers tweeting the link to the project saying things like "Please support this so I can finally give Charlie a really bad review".  Winning.

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