Thursday, 12 September 2013


After writing about Kat's style in 10 Things I Hate About You my friend Rory introduced me to this Twin Peaks tumblr. Suddenly I was in love with the 90's again, in particular the look of Shelley Johnson, the long-suffering waitress.  Hopefully the following photos will explain why she's so dope.

Acid wash skirt yo:

Blue knitwear and bouffant low bun dawg:

Lacy sheer shirt and tartan coat, let's do this:

Love how black her brows are:

Looking sad in crushed velvet:

Looking happy in that sheer shirt again:

Alice band and bright blue silk dressing gown? Don't mind if I do:

Scummy big brown coat, pink tights and rusty socks. Why not:

This is just perfect.  Everything about it:

That over the shoulder hair sweep and hoop earrings should win awards:

Look at how outside the lines she does her lipstick.

Look how silly this photo is.