Monday, 4 February 2013


I'm not sure when 90's fashion became suitable for a revival, it was probably more a slow trickle than a flood.  Boy London is once more was iconic, and I want to wear my hair curly to emulate Darlene from Roseanne.

I want bomber jackets and high waisted jeans, and maxi skirts and cropped roll necks, and clumpy shoes and filled in brows.  Darker lips and paler skin, when once just the idea of wearing a body suit would have given me chills.

Which makes me wonder if a revival of the 2000's is next.  I think it just might be.  Especially since the idea of watching All Saints on Top Of The Pops is gradually becoming more and more inspiring.

But obviously not all of the 2000's will be revived.  We'll start off with the early years.

Last night we went to see 10 Things I Hate About You at the Prince Charles Cinema in London with some Beyond Clueless backers.  It was really fun. The PCC's showings are always totally bodacious experiences that I recommend highly.  The film was excellent, of course, but I was totally fixated on Julia Styles' Katarina Stratford.  She.  Looked.  Incredible.  So I am going to take you through some of her looks so that when I start dressing like this over summer you'll know why.

I put the subtitles on because it's nice to have things to read.

OK, so I'm not crazy on the camo, Liberty X kind of ruined that for me, but we have to start at the beginning and be prepared to be open-minded about it all.

Love the jewelry here, double hoop earrings and some kind of Celtic necklace.


Not thaaaaat into Larisa Oleynik's look in the film.

For the record boys, Heath Ledger's look is perfect in this movie.

Completely pro this outfit.

Plus it's the first look at her incredible hair.  Why did she cut it?! There is no explanation on Wikipedia.  Obviously it's her hair and she's allowed to cut it, but it's so perfect.  It's magic fairytale hair.

Terrible screengrab, but is that a crochet mini skirt?!

Love her makeup here.

This this this.  Purple/navy jaquard trousers, cut off top, grotty cardigan, and the hair in all it's glory.

Let's look at that hair a bit closer...

The plaits make me weep with joy.

This is very adorable.

She's wearing a big skull ring on her middle finger which is so rad, but you're just going to have to take my word for it.

I think my favourite of her outfits is the one she wears in the famous flashing and pedalo scenes.

Simple.  Classic.  Pedalos.

Little sparkly cardigan.


Boom, she knocks it out the park.  

In the cinema everyone laughed at the bit where she's in the tire swing.  It is a bit waa waa waa call the waambulance. 

P-P-P-Prom outfits. 

Larisa's is awful.  In the cinema when her dad says, "What are you wearing?" and she replies, "It's a prom dress daddy", a girl shouted "NO IT'S NOT". 

We all laughed. 

Great outfit for some emo sketching. 

When I'm down I also draw a big eye.

And last but not least, the poem scene outfit.  So gorgeous.

Great shirt. 

Great plait. 

Great two tone net polyester skirt.

Great tears.

Kat and Pat forever.


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