Thursday, 28 March 2013


Jeremy and I are currently re-watching 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.  We started at Season 4 because our friend Ellie said that was where it got good (if you want to dispute that, she is the woman to troll).  Season 4 is also when Tara is introduced to the story.  Amber Benson is insanely rad, as of course is Alyson Hannigan.  And I love Tara and Willow, they're an amazing couple.  So what I am about to say is not meant as an insult towards the actors or the characters they play...


The styling on BTVS is sometimes good, sometimes questionable and always very 2001, but for some reason the wardrobe department targeted Willow and Tara and dressed them in often outrageous garb.  Snot hues seem to have been the main colour palate they were working from.  Eyeshadow was applied with wild abandon.  Chokers were "it".  I've chosen some of the best/worst examples of their costumes, and I am going to dissect them now.  But please know it is done with love and a desire to try to understand, I am not here to drive a stake into the bleeding, pulsing heart of their love.

1. Willow: "Why are you guys being weird with me today?"

2. Willow: "No seriously Buffy, it's just a tablecloth I wrapped around my legs, great huh?"

Buffy: "Mm hm" *moves further away*

3. Willow: "See I knew you'd get my outfit Tara.  You're always using cool found objects as clothes, like me".

Tara: "Yes, for example today I jazzed up my famous maroon outfit with a Japanese inspired sash I found". 

4. Willow: "Well I like Tara's colossal stone-washed denim skirt".

5. Willow: "Lace-hemmed jeans are going to be huge this time next year"

Tara: "Yeah Giles". 

6. Oz: "Look, the real reason I left Sunnydale was that coat"

Willow: "Oh".

 7. Willow: "Can you imagine how thrilled I was when I found these tights that match the colour of my green skirt EXACTLY?!"

Oz: "Sadly, I can".

8. Willow: "I just took a photo of your outfit and uploaded it to my computer and it broke the internet"

Tara: "Not again". 

7. Willow: "Whats the point of us wearing the same T-shirt if you're going to cover it with a cardigan?"

8. Willow: "Someone once said, 'You can never have too much tie dye.  And that mixing pink and red is always a good idea'".

Xander: "Who was this person?"

Willow: "Me".

9. Tara: "My shawl is so amazing I'm sending out postcards to tell people about it".

Willow: "Mention my crochet jumper too please".

10. Willow: "We should go to every party dressed in red and green"

Tara: "It's always Christmas when we're around"

11. Willow: "Why are you being so mean about my pink and turd pajamas?!"

12. Joyce (thinking): "I've just had a flipping brain tumor removed.  Now I have to deal with Willow's weird arm-tassle cardigan? FFS"

13. Willow: "Oh no, that cameraman fell over again...ugh is he being sick?"

Buffy: "You. Have. To. Stop. Wearing. That. Pink. Paper. Skirt. With. Those. Grubby. Brown. Trainers."

14. Willow: "I don't care that you think my cute slogan T-shirts are what opened the hell mouth. I like them".

15. Buffy: "Why don't you get it?  Floral maxi skirts are MY THING"

Willow: "I hate you here.  In my brain". 

16. Willow: "I'm so pleased they let us make the wigs for Spike and Angel in the 18th Century flashback scene"

17. Tara: "See, magic IS fashionable"


  1. The stills of Spike and Angel's wigs have actually made my day.


  3. Could you do a style dissection of Gilmore Girls aka the best show of all time?