Tuesday, 26 November 2013


We have a day off tour today and are back in London until Friday, when we head to Europe. I'm spending my afternoon with Posy Simmonds and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I got into Posy's books a couple of years ago when I first read 'Tamara Drewe', and have been a big fan ever since.

I love it when writers take classic stories and give them a re-think for the modern age. 'Tamara Drewe' is loosely based on 'Far From The Madding Crowd', while 'Gemma Bovery' is, of course, a big fat nod to 'Madame Bovary'. In 2010 'Tamara Drewe' was made into a film starring Gemma Arterton, Tamsin Grieg and one of my favourite actors, Roger Allam, and it's a pretty faithful adaptation. The book is perfection as graphic novels go, and Posy really crams a lot into her pages. There is so much text to sink your teeth into. And she has a great sense of humour, I love her satirisation of a weekly gossip mag in 'Tamara Drewe', seen below.

Last year an anthology of all of Posy's weekly strips for the Guardian came out, entitled 'Mrs. Weber's Omnibus'.  It's a tome, and it's marvellous. It includes strips such as this one, where she ruminates on the double standards surrounding a woman breast-feeding in public. 

Posy wrote a great piece about the Weber family whose stories made up most of the action in the strips. Wendy, the Weber matriarch, is described by Posy in the article as, “Mother of six, feminist, former nurse with split ends, Dr Scholl sandals and Laura Ashley smocks”. The strips ran for ten years, ending in 1987 but they still seem very relevant, and it's funny seeing how Posy felt about punks when they were first hanging around - rather fond of them, as it turns out.

Does anyone have any other authors they think I would like?  I love a good graphic novel recommendation. x

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  1. Hi Elizabeth! You should look out for her children's book 'Lulu and the Flying Babies'. I love Posy Simmonds too. I've asked for "The Encyclopaedia Of Early Earth" for Christmas as it looks quite exciting.

    Also came accross this blog- http://www.flashlightworthybooks.com/Best-Graphic-Novels-About-Women/588 a while ago and have read a few including
    "At a Crossroads: Between a Rock and My Parents' Place"- which I loved.

    Claire (@fogbound_vidya)