Friday, 22 November 2013


On Monday we got to play at one of my favourite venues, The Deaf Institute in Manchester. Every time we have a show there I always look forward to it, and not only because I got see one of my best buds Natalie. The building is beautiful, the stage is a dream to play on, the staff are lovely, and the food is the toppest of the notchest. But first, just look at this d├ęcor.  

Also, and I know it's a strange thing to say, everything about the ladies' toilet is perfect. Even the wash basin (above), well, it's really a trough. And the wallpaper in there? It's only Dolly Parton with zombie eyes, staring up at the beautiful stain-glass window.  

Now. The food. Pre-show I had a delicious risotto with chicken, while Jeremy had a happy hour cocktail and a burger, because he's very glamorous. (In the little leather black case are my earplugs. Jeremy made the 'E' out of tape for me).  

For the show I busted out my white French Connection suit, worn with those shoes. I've been wearing this suit a lot on this tour as it's so comfortable but still makes me feel a bit dressed up. The blazer from it has been amazing off-stage too, I love wearing it with some high-waisted trousers or shorts when I want to be a bit smarter (i.e. weddings. I love weddings).

 Just noticed our sneaky poster on the wall there, hello.

There were so many lovely people in the crowd, including this bunch of stylish superheroes. I mean, on hair alone these ladies are winning.

Finally, I feel like I should give a special mention to these very handsome men. William and Nathan are playing with us and are being wonderful. Professional, hilarious, and wowing us daily with their wide array of knitwear, shirts and leather bags.

Love you forever Manchester and The Deaf Institute.  


  1. Superb blog - and you were great's the proof..

  2. french connection suit is awesome. i need a work suit, i may well have to look into it!