Thursday, 12 December 2013


I mean, I'm not really sure why you'd want your lipstick to stay on for 24 hours, but maybe that's because I've been on tour for a month and the idea of having a day sleeping in my own bed and not having to apply makeup seems like the stuff dreams are made of.

That said, this lipstick by Maybelline has been wonderful for the past four weeks.  And as I get closer to going home (only three shows left) I want to say thank you to it.  Thank you for not coming off when I hit my mouth on the mic in Amsterdam.  Thank you for staying put through that amazing burger in Brighton.  I appreciate the support you gave me at the Botanique in Brussels when my lips were getting dryer than Death Valley.

This lipstick is awesome because it has two sections, the colour stain which dries quickly onto your lips and stays put until you forcibly remove it, and the clear gloss which you apply over the top.  So throughout the day you just top up the gloss.

Plus, it smells delicious.  I used the Cherry Pie shade and it's a bit plummy and a bit scarlet.  Love it.

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