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My So-Called Life, the 90's TV series starring an insanely young Claire Danes, was emotional nourishment for my pre-teen soul.  There was only ever one season, but it remains one of the most perfect and timeless representations of how hard it is to morph into an adult.  I re-watch it every couple of years and I'm always stunned by how smart, funny and moving it is.  If you've not seen it, it's available on Amazon - and lots of other places too I imagine.

Growing up I knew I was Angela Chase (Claire Danes' character), but deep down I longed to be her best friend, the wayward Rayanne Graff.  She was so completely out of  control, and hilarious with it.  Still, both were pretty aspirational, especially in terms of their outfits.  Over Christmas I went through the series picking some of my favourite Graff and Chase looks.  Oh, and of course Ricky (their other best friend) has a couple of outfits in the mix too.  That boy was like a more vulnerable, less-prone-to-lip-synching Duckie (from Pretty In Pink).  I also had a go at recreating my own Angela outfits which I will post later in the week, hopefully with suitable angst and Jordan Catalano longing on show.  I'm not going to tell you about Jordan, if you're not aware of him already then that's a journey you need to make for yourself.

Since My So-Called Life was classic 90's television, there are mountains of plaid on display.  Plaid, layered on to denim, with plaid draped on top.  (I'm calling it plaid instead of tartan because I want to be consitent and respectful when discussing the importance of check shirts in this perfect little corner of American culture).  But yes, these ladies both share a deep passion for soft plaid fabrics.  Rayanne even has a maxi shirt...

Rayanne and that baseball cap are a match made in heaven.  

Angela has this plaid dress below in several different colours.  She often wears it with coloured tights and big boots.  She has one pair of boots that look slightly *whisper it* Ugg-ish.  I don't know how to feel about that, guys.

Rayanne goes for patterns, braids in her hair, and wild splashes of colour.  And I love the blonde streak she always pulls out so there is a tendril hanging down around her face.  She's not afraid of tie dye or bowler hats, and that is the true sign of a fearless woman.  

(In real life the actress who played Rayanne is now a freaking Lady and will one day be the Countess of Devon.  Yep. I hope she dresses like this.)

Angela's taste becomes more tuned into Rayanne's over the series, which I think happens with lot of close female friendships.  It certainly did - no, still does - with mine.  Although she never takes it as far as Rayanne in terms of layering and big bold patterns. 

There is so much going on in that outfit above, no wonder my computer couldn't really handle the screengrab.  

As with their personalities, I admire Rayanne's style but feel safer with Angela.  But that's not to say Angela doesn't have a lot of things in her wardrobe I covet for their unusual-ness.  These brogue/clog mutants for example:

Or this bloody gorgeous Pendleton-esque jacket.  

And, I really, really love this jumper.  It's the kind of thing I wouldn't really think of as a favourite, but I'd end up wearing it time and time again.  

I'll leave you with some of Ricky's finest moments.  What an amazing character. I wanted him to be my best friend (not only so I could borrow his clothes). 

Angela, Rayanne and Ricky forever. xxx

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  1. This was a delightfully nostalgic read.. You've got me reaching for my box set!

    Vanessa xx