Thursday, 30 January 2014


So, judging from the look books and previews for Spring I've been ogling, pastels are going to be big news this year.  I am desperate for a baby blue patent skirt and white shoes, but since it's still raining and chilly in London I'm holding off for a bit - much to my bank account's relief.  Pastels will always make me think of Edward Scissorhands, that Tim Burton classic starring Winona Ryder in a fluffy yellow wig and Johnny Depp with no eyebrows and a lot of leather.  They were dating at the time...(woah sorry I just lost about 20 minutes of my life on tumblr looking at photos tagged with them.  People sure are devastated they broke up TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO).  

Consequently, this week's style dissection is Edward Scissorhands.  It really is perfect for S/S 2014 as it features gorgeous bright colours and pastel hues, but with an added darker edge thanks to Edward's leather and black, gothic look. 

First off, let's focus on Joyce.  Joyce is a gorgeous older lady who takes a pretty big shine to Edward, and uses her feminine wiles (and wide array of sunglasses and earrings) to try and seduce him.

Check out the crushed velvet pants she's wearing while reclining on a crushed velvet mustard sofa, below.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


OK, so normally I'm a bit wary of projects that use the phrase "women in music", even when they're (mostly) championing those women.  This is because ideally I don't think that separation should exist, and when we talk about men who are in music we don't feel the need to highlight their gender.  I don't think I've ever read an interview with a male musician where he's asked, "What's it like to be a man in music?" yet I'm asked that in every interview these days.  Obviously I know why - women are in the minority in the industry and that sucks - and of course the more women producing, engineering and making music, the better.  I guess I just wish it was already an accepted fact that some people working in music are men, and some are women.  Also, I'm so uncomfortable about anything that excludes men from the conversation, as they're just as important as women when it comes to things changing.

THAT SAID, I wrote a piece for 'The Girls Are' new print magazine recently because I read their online mag all the time, I like writing, and also because they said I could write about whomever I wanted.  An icon from the 90's perhaps? They knew how to get me.  I picked Shirley Manson, one of my teen idols.

'The Girls Are' is first and foremost a great web mag about music, and it covers musicians of both genders, but it does also stick its hand up to say "Hey - covering the women doing this is really important to us."  Annette Barlow, editor of TGA puts it really well: "We're excited to offer an alternative perspective...Historically, music magazines have been skewed from and for a male perspective. But that’s not reflective of their potential audience. I'm tired of finding music magazines in the 'men's interest' section”.

The new print magazine is gorgeous and features Warpaint on its cover and Kim Gordon inside  You can get it here.  In the meantime, click here to read 
my column. (Unless you're a superhero and can read the very small version below, in which case why are you on the internet?? GO AND SAVE SOMEONE/KISS YOUR CRUSH UPSIDE DOWN IN THE RAIN.)

Monday, 27 January 2014


We've been working on the soundtrack to the debut film by Charlie Lyne, a documentary about teen films called Beyond Clueless.  Over the past few months I've had to hold my tongue from squealing as we were in discussions with Fairuza Balk over recording the narration for the film. But no more!  It's all confirmed.  Of course Fairuza is a brilliant actress with a varied filmography, and is outstanding in every role (American History X is a particularly WOW performance) but the role I will always associate her most strongly with is Nancy in The Craft

I can't wait for people to see the film. It's been such a delight to watch it develop over the past year, even if Charlie's analysis has made me see some of my favourite films in a different way, and consequently in some cases lead me to do a 180 on their meaning.  Sometimes heartbreakingly.  He's always right though, the monster. 

I guess now I definitely need to do a Style Dissection of The Craft

"I drink of my sisters, and I take into myself... all the power of Manon."

"That's all?"

Friday, 24 January 2014


This week's style dissection is the hit 90's TV show 'Beverly Hills 90210', a show that I wasn't allowed to watch when it originally aired because my mum thought the content was too racy.  Well nowadays I can watch whatever I want!   It's pretty cool!  Anyway, here are the 15 most important rules when it comes to dressing, as displayed by the Beverly Hills gang.

Monday, 20 January 2014


I'm not really that into single-layer cakes. I much prefer a big fat Victoria sponge, preferably chocolate or coffee (or a mix of both), always sandwiched and topped with thick smooth butter cream icing.  If you're going to make a cake, make a cake.  That doesn't really mean anything, but let's pretend it's deeply profound.

However my allegiance to the double sponge completely falls down when I think about lemon drizzle cake.  The cake itself has to be light and fluffy, like a delicious pillow you wouldn't actually want to sleep on.  And the drizzle has to be crunchy and tangy.  Well, I think this recipe ticks those boxes, but you'll just have to make it for yourself to find out if I'm right.  Poor you.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Is it too late to be doing, "it's a new year, let's talk about things that we're going to do/see/be in this new year and then not do that for any other months, you know, those months when we just live our lives" type-blog-posts?  Well, I certainly appear to think so, although that's mainly because I'm still writing "2013" by accident a lot.  Remember at school when you had to write the date for the first time in your first lesson back?  I always enjoyed that moment.  I'm pretty sure I used to do a doodle around it of champagne and fireworks.  (I've never, ever, experienced champagne or fireworks on New Years).

So this post is all about looking forward to some excellent 2014 TV.  And there is going to be some - in my opinion we're in a golden age of the small screen, and it's only going to get better.

Friday, 10 January 2014


'People I Know' is the wonderful web comic by Timothy Winchester.  I first started reading it a couple of years ago and ever since then it's been one of my dailies.  It's so funny and sweet, and sometimes cruel.  The comic features tales of wizards, Toby the dinosaur (and some toast), and of course the adventures of TV's Jessica Fletcher.   Timothy appears in a lot of the stories, frustrated with his hairdresser, meeting Sabrina The Teenage Witch, or dealing with the tumultuous world of dating.  He's so completely lovely and hilarious, all of which meant Jeremy and I were big fans of Timothy long before we met him in real life (in real life he's even better).

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Everyone loves chocolate mousse, right?  It reminds us of being children. (Do you remember the Rolo mousse with caramel at the bottom?  Do they still make them?  Oh god, they do.) 

Anyway, this is a good basic mousse recipe, one you can modify to suit.  I've done it with white and milk chocolate, I've done it with layers of different chocolate, added a bit of cointreau at one point, also tried it with coffee...The possibilities are endless.  You can also decide the fat content of the yoghurt to suit your needs.  It works well regardless.  (I'm avoiding any mentions of "January" or "diet" or "resolution" as those words together bug me).  

This serves 4. 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


OK, so this piece should actually be titled Style Dissection: 'This Is England' and 'This Is England 86', but that just isn't as catchy, and you guys should know - when it comes to titling I am ALL about catchiness.  I want them to be bouquet-caught-at-a-wedding-in-a-rom-com catchy.

I've been keen to do a style dissection of some of the outfits in Shane Meadows' utterly brilliant creation for a while now, but was worried it might seem incredibly reductive to, well, reduce into outfits some of the most fantastic drama seen on our screens (both silver and plasma) for such a long time.  Plus the issues dealt with in his work - racism, sexual offences, murder, suicide - don't neccessarily lend themselves to, "OMG look how cute her top is!" style-posts.  But then the style on display is wonderful. The incredible costume design - by Jo Thompson - is a huge part of what makes 'This Is England' so visceral, rich and in keeping with the time it's set in.  So I've done it.  I've left out '88 as Lol's story is so hard to watch I didn't actually think I could see it again yet, but here are my picks from the film and the '86 episodes.

I will also be re-creating some 'This Is England' looks myself soon, and I can't bloody wait to get in some braces.

Oh and if you haven't seen 'This Is England' please do, it's stunning.  Watch it with a friend though.  And maybe don't read this post yet, as it contains some spoilers.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Faith Erin Hicks is a brilliant cartoonist.  I'm slowly collecting everything she's worked on that's in print ('The Adventures of Superhero Girl' is next on the list), and her Tumblr and website are also worth delving into.  She has a beautiful drawing style, so vibrant, packed with humour and action.  She's done some collaborations, but my favourite things that she's done are the solo books 'Friends With Boys' and 'The War At Ellsmere' both deal with young women who feel slightly out of place in a new environment.  It's a feeling we can all empathise with, and personally I never tire of being reassured about that.  Anyway, if you're looking for graphic novels to read which are funny, sweet and often feature some dark or supernatural elements (watch out for your brain...) I recommend these.

Saturday, 4 January 2014


A couple of days ago Jeremy and I went to Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square to see 'Jaws'.  Neither of us had seen it before because we're fools, and the idea of seeing it at one of our favourite cinemas was highly appealing.  It did not disappoint. Richard Dreyfuss is one of my favourite actors, and he's brilliant in Speilberg's classic shark attack thriller.  I'm going to have to watch 'Mr. Holland's Opus' again very soon for another Dreyfuss fix.  

If you're a Londoner and you've never been to PCC, then I highly recommend you pay them a visit.  I've seen so many wonderful films there, quoting along to 'Clueless', eating pizza while watching '10 Things I Hate About You', and sitting through the first three 'Indiana Jones' films back-to-back.  (OK, we had a ten minute coffee break between each one but still, that's a lot of whips.)  They do overnight screenings, seasons of director's favourite films (currently it's the films Scorsese finds most terrifying), and they're showing 'The Room' in February accompanied by a Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero Q&A.  Oh, hi Mark.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about then let me know and we can all go together and experience the sadness that is being torn apart by Lisa.

Oh, and now that they've switched around the men's and ladies' toilets, us broads get to enjoy the wonder that is a whole cubicle dedicated entirely to Kevin Smith (see below).  Um, yep.