Monday, 27 January 2014


We've been working on the soundtrack to the debut film by Charlie Lyne, a documentary about teen films called Beyond Clueless.  Over the past few months I've had to hold my tongue from squealing as we were in discussions with Fairuza Balk over recording the narration for the film. But no more!  It's all confirmed.  Of course Fairuza is a brilliant actress with a varied filmography, and is outstanding in every role (American History X is a particularly WOW performance) but the role I will always associate her most strongly with is Nancy in The Craft

I can't wait for people to see the film. It's been such a delight to watch it develop over the past year, even if Charlie's analysis has made me see some of my favourite films in a different way, and consequently in some cases lead me to do a 180 on their meaning.  Sometimes heartbreakingly.  He's always right though, the monster. 

I guess now I definitely need to do a Style Dissection of The Craft

"I drink of my sisters, and I take into myself... all the power of Manon."

"That's all?"

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  1. Yaay! This is so cool! I adooored Fairuza Balk in The Craft so I can't wait to see this film!! So excited to hear the soundtrack eep! :-)