Friday, 10 January 2014


'People I Know' is the wonderful web comic by Timothy Winchester.  I first started reading it a couple of years ago and ever since then it's been one of my dailies.  It's so funny and sweet, and sometimes cruel.  The comic features tales of wizards, Toby the dinosaur (and some toast), and of course the adventures of TV's Jessica Fletcher.   Timothy appears in a lot of the stories, frustrated with his hairdresser, meeting Sabrina The Teenage Witch, or dealing with the tumultuous world of dating.  He's so completely lovely and hilarious, all of which meant Jeremy and I were big fans of Timothy long before we met him in real life (in real life he's even better).

Timothy has several comics in print, most of which I own - and therefore can vouch for their excellence.  There are collections of strips from the webcomics, and shorter mini comics, and my favourite title, 'Twins', the tagline of which is "There is nothing better than finding out if you’re twins with someone".  So true!  His interactive comic (above) is bloody fantastic as well - it's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style.  I chose, and boy, was it an adventure.  You can read it online here if you're scared of print. He's also just released a massive bumper edition of 'People I Know' and he will doodle something for you when you order! Anyway, you can follow Timothy on Twitter if you like.  And you can read all his comics online for free!  He's just so awesome like that.  There are a few of my favourites below too.   

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