Friday, 24 January 2014


This week's style dissection is the hit 90's TV show 'Beverly Hills 90210', a show that I wasn't allowed to watch when it originally aired because my mum thought the content was too racy.  Well nowadays I can watch whatever I want!   It's pretty cool!  Anyway, here are the 15 most important rules when it comes to dressing, as displayed by the Beverly Hills gang.

1.  Everyone needs two hats.  A light-coloured one with decorative, oversized flower, and a brown "winter" one that makes you look super mysterious.

2. Get serious about your pajamas. 

3. The best way to tell if a bad boy would make a good boyfriend is by his shirts.  They should be soft and loose and either pastel-hued or adorned with a crazy pattern.

Sometimes you will feel stylistically intimidated by said boyfriend's multi-colour shirts.  Counterbalance his penchant for pattern by wearing the palest clothes you own.  Anything in a grey or seasick green would work.

4.  Also, bad boys are secretly big fans of 'Child' magazine.  

5.  If you're a twin you're going to need to learn to sychronise your movements. 

5.  Fall in love with your drama teacher.  Expecially if he looks like a Ken doll from the, 'Barbie Goes To University!' range. 

6. One way to get your drama teacher to notice you is to make sure you're wearing the right accesories when you perform the scene you've prepared.  If it's a sad or emotional scene you must have shawls. 

6.  The more studious and academically gifted among us should display our intelligence using blouses with big square sailor collars.  And tapestry waistcoats. 

7.  Pull those stone-washed jeans up as far as they can go.  Now do it again.  Repeat until your crotch is numb. 

8.  OK, so people think you're a bit of a ditz.  A klutz. A kook. Wacky.  Own it. 

9.  If you're a man, feel free to get your workout gear from Gap kids. Chafing is a good thing. 

10.  Normal shapes of sunglasses - round, square - are BORING.   Live a little, jeez.

11.  If you're a woman in your mid-twenties looking for a younger man, wear the biggest fattest headband you can find. 

12. Women can definitely wear ties, as long as you wear them loose and with a very baggy shirt.  

13.  We've all had those, "oh crap we all came dressed as a woman from a Robert Palmer video" moments. 

14. If you're a beautiful blonde rich girl with a wayward mother, one colour should dominate your wardrobe more than any other.  That colour is blue. 

15. And finally, the most important lesson of all that the gang taught us - Lucy Liu has always been beautiful. 

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