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So, judging from the look books and previews for Spring I've been ogling, pastels are going to be big news this year.  I am desperate for a baby blue patent skirt and white shoes, but since it's still raining and chilly in London I'm holding off for a bit - much to my bank account's relief.  Pastels will always make me think of Edward Scissorhands, that Tim Burton classic starring Winona Ryder in a fluffy yellow wig and Johnny Depp with no eyebrows and a lot of leather.  They were dating at the time...(woah sorry I just lost about 20 minutes of my life on tumblr looking at photos tagged with them.  People sure are devastated they broke up TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO).  

Consequently, this week's style dissection is Edward Scissorhands.  It really is perfect for S/S 2014 as it features gorgeous bright colours and pastel hues, but with an added darker edge thanks to Edward's leather and black, gothic look. 

First off, let's focus on Joyce.  Joyce is a gorgeous older lady who takes a pretty big shine to Edward, and uses her feminine wiles (and wide array of sunglasses and earrings) to try and seduce him.

Check out the crushed velvet pants she's wearing while reclining on a crushed velvet mustard sofa, below.

Joyce is very keen to match her accessories, seen here with these earrings, scrunchie, and the orange on her dress.  And if it's neon, then it's better. 

Again, matching those nails to the lip colour.  And that haircut (given to her by Edward) - POW!  Asymmetric dreams!

Tim Burton and his set designers have always been very talented at creating appealing yet surreal interiors.  Joyce's living room and kitchen are no exception.  I want it, yet I find it slightly sinister.

This woman really digs circular earrings. 

I really feel like it's time I got some huge tinted sunglasses.  And those tumblers with the lemons? Cartoonishly perfect. 

While Joyce is garish and bold, Kim (played by Winona) is naturally stunning.  Blonde hair and brown eyes will always be great, and Winona looks fantastic in this film.  She sort of reminds me of Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks.  Or maybe that's just because the photo of her below is very Lynch-esque.

Kim wears a lot of yellow - pale lemon hues and white skirts.  And she has this plasticky looking bright yellow bag she takes everywhere.  It sort of looks like a kid's toy. (Sorry Kim). 

If Kim was a real person who loved wearing yellow I bet she would have been thrilled that her school's cheerleading uniform was yellow.  But she's not a real person so we'll never know. I'll just have to be thrilled for her. I'm also a fan of her friend's pale green denim jacket. 

Kim often wears co-ordinating two pieces (we would have been such good friends in real life, sigh).  She mostly picks crop tops with elasticated seams in a peasant style, and then skirts that match.  This blue one below is my favourite. 

Like Joyce, Kim picks one colour and wears a lot of it.  In this case that colour is coral pink. 

She's also not afraid of wearing mustard trousers.  I am afraid of wearing mustard trousers.  I don't think that will ever change, and I'm OK with that. 

In the last part of the film Kim wears this white dress (below).  It's a very strange cut.  Off the shoulder with a big buckle on one side, 3/4 length sleeves, a buttoned corset, and then an A-line knee-length gauzy chiffon skirt.  Obviously she looks perfect.  I wonder if the costume designer had a bet with someone (the grip or the A.D. perhaps) that there was no outfit Winona could be put in where she wouldn't look gorgeous.  Not even a strange prom dress reject from the mid 80's.  Needless to say, the costume designer won. 

Another lovely lemony top and skirt set in Kim's preferred cut.  I love the red buttons too.  

Kim's jerky boyfriend (played by a beefier post John Hughes Anthony Michael Hall) has great style too.  This leather jacket below is highly desirable, it has "Mum" and "Dad" embroidered onto the pockets!

If I had a classy shirt collar like that I'd look pretty smug too.  Great hair as well. 

High waisted jeans look rad on this guy, and I love the belt and shirt.  Also, Kim's bag again. 

Edward's gothic look is made even more intense by the pastels that surround him in every scene.  It makes me want to buy pale yellow clothes and wear them with pink lipstick and black patent leather boots.

I'm also into Edward's "my adopted suburban Avon lady mom dressed me up" look.  It's actually pretty similar to how Johnny dresses in real life. 

Although his hair and makeup maybe aren't top of my list of looks to try...

By the way guys, if any of you want to update your style with a sassy new haircut maybe you should go for one of these cuts below?

No, seriously. YOU LOOK GREAT. 

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