Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I had so much fun putting together an outfit inspired by The Craft after doing a Style Dissection of the film a couple of weeks ago.  It's not a look I would ever normally wear, but it felt pretty badass, and it was totally worth the pain to get that nose ring (it's fake).  The leather jacket is from Warehouse and was warm and cosy so I hardly minded that I had bare legs above the knee (in February).  I'm pretty sure any floral dress would have worked, but I think having a bit of black in the print was more "Nancy".  

I'm also glad it required trying out a darker lipstick.  I rarely stray from my standard letterbox red - I have a shoebox under my bed gathering dust, filled with lipsticks that are all basically the same colour.  It's dumb, so it was nice to have the excuse to try something darker.  This lipstick is from Lord and Berry and it's their 'Vogue' one in Black/Red.  It's lovely and matte and stayed put for ages.  

The cross necklace is from Religion, it really should be a rosary, but it was the closest I could get.  

On the day we did the photos (by the way, massive thanks to Jeremy who takes all these) the weather was bright, but as soon as we went outside the wind started blowing.  Really blowing (see photos below).  Now, while I can't be certain that it was Manon, I'm 98% sure it was.  I also can't promise that I won't keep dressing like this and potentially discover my dark side and the innate magical ability that doubtless dwells deep within me.  So if halfway through our next gig I suddenly run my hands over my face and hair and morph into Jeremy...well...alert the authorities I guess.  Who are the magical authorities?  Dumbledore?


  1. That outfit is perfect/adorable, very Nancy.


  2. Love, love, love this outfit. That dress is a bloody gem. Did I mention I love this outfit?

    Vanessa xx