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So now that Fairuza Balk (AKA Nancy from The Craft) is narrating the documentary we're soundtracking, I'm eager to fully assess the outfits of those teenage witches.  I remember watching The Craft when it was first released.  My sister had rented the VHS from Blockbuster and I pinched it out of her room and watched it secretly.  I loved the film, but was also pretty scared by it.  I've always been fascinated by witches and used to pretend I was one (I have home-made spell books to prove it - they're totally bonkers) but the idea that magic could corrupt and destroy was relatively new to me.  It's something they didn't cover much in The Worst Witch books.  Mildred Hubble had no interaction with boys, and never had to deal with racism.  

The Craft was released in 1996, and it's set at a Catholic school, so there are a lot of kilts, mountains of tartan/plaid, and a great line in knee socks, which is obviously excellent. 

However, often they wear their regulation skirts, blazers, shirts and ties with ankle socks and sneakers.

I had those One Star Converse (worn by Christine Taylor's character, above) when I was younger, in green suede.  I wish I still had them now. For you fact fans - Taylor is married to Ben Stiller, and she's a great comedic actress.  I especially love her work in The Wedding Singer.

I like how in The Craft the four friends/witches start dressing more and more similarly as their friendship progresses.  I think that happens a lot with good pals.  Although Nancy is the only one to play around with patent and very dark lipstick. 

(I definitely feel that if I do a post with outfits inspired by this film, a nose ring will be imperative.)

As you can see from above, Nancy is the kind of girl who wears black patent/shiny leather trousers at a cosy sleepover where the agenda is: watch Wheel Of Fortune and eat ice cream while lounging on pillows.  I bet those trousers creak loads when she moves.  Leather is so embarrassing like that. 

She also owns these AWESOME jacquard trousers and matching crop-top. 

The other girls favour long skirts, layers of mesh, long-sleeved T-shirts, and dungarees.  Oh, and big leather jackets. 

And they all wear a LOT of necklaces.  Nancy in particular.  In fact, the more crazy (and powerful) she gets, the more beads and chokers she slaps on.  I wonder if an excess of neck adornment is actually the real way to be magic.  Hmm...*checks Harry Potter for mentions of Harry's huge gold medallion*

Nancy really goes for 'Classic Witch Look' full throttle towards the end of the film.  Her hair evolves from slicked back to wild and unrestrained, she wears this long coat with huge bell sleeves (above) to school, and pairs her kilt with a big mesh petticoat.  You can kind of see it in this screengrab below where she's rising off the floor.  (Of course she is.)

Also I direct your attention to Bonnie's (played by Neve Campbell) lace tights. 

And Nancy completes the witch look perfectly with these pointy hobnail boots.  Excellent for gliding across the carpet with finesse. 

While Nancy turns towards to the dark side of magic, Sarah, the newest addition to their witchy foursome (quick, call the corners!) is the only one who can stop her.  Sarah has natural magical abilities which she shares with the other girls, but whilst they are consumed by their new powers, Sarah remains "good".  Her journey is reflected in her outfits.

She begins the film in pale colours and headbands, and no school uniform.  I call this look, "The Outsider"...

But gradually she moves more towards a more adventurous bouffant hairstyle, dark colours and even darker eyeliner...

(Check out Nancy's hair clips in the background).  

Until finally, in the middle of the film, there is this awesome moment where all four girls are stylistically united. 

Rosaries, T-shirts, braces/suspenders, those kilts, and a vest/waistcoat.  What's not to love?!

But sadly their love for each other goes into a decline. Sarah reverts back to the straight and narrow, both in her behaviour, and her willingness to wear her school uniform correctly. 

So sad.

I like Rochelle's (played by Rachel True) shirt in the pic above.  It's decorated with loads of butterflies, which is a great call back to an earlier, crucial scene featuring butterflies.  I love it when costume designers do things like that.  

At the end of the film...Actually I don't want to spoil it, so instead here are the outfits worn by Bonnie, Rochelle and Sarah during their last conversation.  Needless to say, the outfits are VERY SIGNIFICANT.  Kind of. 

I'm reeeeeally not sure about Bonnie/Neve's super long shiny shirt.  There, I said it. 

I feel like I haven't talked enough about knee socks in this dissection.  So here are all the times Bonnie/Neve wears knee socks in the film. #kneesocks

Still want to be a witch FTR. 

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  1. Totally enjoyed reading your observations paired with the picutres you selected :)