Tuesday, 25 February 2014


My band Summer Camp played our first show in Tokyo last week.  Before we went I was so excited/worried that I'd built up the city way too much in my head and that it wouldn't live up to my expectations.  I was thinking about it A LOT you guys.  Well it exceeded them.  I fell completely in love, I don't think I've ever been so sad to leave somewhere, it was actually a bit unsettling.  My first ever holiday romance was with a city, and I was completely overwhelmed by all the things to see, do and eat.

The show we played at O-Nest was really fun - thanks to everyone who came.  And thank you so much to Sam and all the people at Alive who put us on.  We loved the way they put the booking power into the hands of their audience - it was wonderful to have that connection with the people who came to see us in Tokyo.  Oh and it also gave us the chance to buy masses and masses of matcha and cream cheese-flavoured Kit Kats. 

Anyway, today's post is all about Tokyo Disney Sea.  I've been to Disney in California and Florida several times (I'm kiiiiinda obsessed), so I loved going to a park that neither of us had been to before.  Especially since it had brand spanking new rides they don't have in the other parks, and a concept and layout entirely its own – the Mysterious Island area was a particular favourite.  And the food, oh boy, the food.

It's famously the most expensive theme park ever built, and we were awed by the design. You enter the gates and are immediately confronted by a chunk of a 1930's New York harbour on the left, and a gorgeous miniature Venice on the right.  Oh and a huge volcano slap-bang in front of you.  Then Mickey and Minnie arrived on a huge ice-cream-shaped boat, singing a delightful song of welcome, telling us it was the "year of happiness". And then the volcano exploded.  Yep.  Brilliant.

We had pretty much the perfect day.  Tiramisu ice cream sandwiches at 11am, walking around with mouse ears on our heads all day, the brilliant rides, amazing Japanese food at Restaurant Sakura on the waterfront, and then when we were taking photos of my outfit two super lovely girls asked to be in the photo with me.

Speaking of the outfit, it's an ASOS leopard print skirt (which has a matching jumper!), and the top is from Lazy Oaf. I wore it loads during the week, I love pizza, and I especially love clothes that talk about pizza.  

Love you forever Tokyo Disney Sea. 

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