Monday, 24 March 2014


OK, so I really should have a croquet set.  And two female friends called Heather.  And a burning desire to rule my High School, even if it involves ruining the lives of people I was pals with before puberty.  And the ability to look past my friends "suicide" to the opportunities it presents in terms of upping my profile and appearing on local news outlets.  

What a shame, I don't have any of those things.  Instead I'm going to have to make do with wearing as much of the power colour as possible - and as I now know from my style dissection of the classic 80's film - that's red.  Yes, all you need to turn from a bookish, jaded Heather who wears green and has low self-esteem (that rhymes!), to a full on Queen Bee Heather who struts down the hallways, forcing people to sign petitions and ridiculing her best friend on the chalkboard is some clothing in a scarlet hue.   

You can get your own Power Heather Kit - the jacquard jacket and black loafers are from Topshop, the floral skirt from Motel, and the watch is from Limit Ladies.  The essential crimson scrunchie is one I've picked up somewhere on my travels (possibly the Co-Op pharmacy.)  

So why not join me?  It's fun over here on the red side...

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