Friday, 14 March 2014


Nick Mohammed is seriously funny, and has been for a while.  He's an actor, writer, magician and character comedian.  He's an exceptional performer, and thinks up some pretty wonderful situations to find humour in.  One year at Edinburgh he did his take on the Apollo 21 moon landing, where he played all the parts, including the first dog in space.  He's currently working on a script with the outstanding Julia Davis, a brilliant woman with a knack for portraying darkness and horrible people in a way that makes you love them.  She's a genius.

At some point during the writing process they've got together and recorded some improvised sketches which you can download as a podcast-type-thing here.  I listened to them all this morning.  They're fantastic.  Surreal and sometimes, as Nick himself said, "a little risqué" they're an utter delight.  And I don't think there's anything better than hearing Julia Davis try and stifle her laughter when she sees Nick almost break into giggles.

I really hope there is an episode two.

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