Wednesday, 30 April 2014


On Saturday it was Rumble In The Jumble 3 (I wrote a bit more about it here), which is basically a big fat jumble sale arranged by Gemma Cairney and The Music Circle to raise money for women living in the DRC where there is a huge problem of gender inequality.  This year the event raised £24, 458.62, which is wonderful.  I had a stall and it was a LOT of fun, I don't think 6 hours have ever passed so quickly.  I was so impressed by the amazing organisation skills and boundless enthusiasm of The Music Circle and Gemma.  And Jen Long's DJ set was pretty much perfect.  

There are loads of photos from the day here but I've also uploaded a couple I took amidst all the madness of  lots of lovely people trying to shop whilst also scoffing cake from Drink, Shop and Do.  No easy task, my friends.  

Along with hand-written lyrics from Annie Lennox and Shirley Manson's shoes, some of the clothes on offer were donations from people with sweeeeet wardrobes (Gizzy Erskine's Moschino cardigan above sold even before I'd had the chance to put it on the rails).  Big thanks to Liv Purvis from What Olivia Did (pic above) for keeping me company and purchasing Fearne Cotton's PPQ dress.  

Also, check out these DM's that went on a flash sale for £10 towards the end of the day - I may have picked up a pair of the floral ones for myself.  Such good times.

Monday, 28 April 2014


Last week we went to Lazy Oaf's event in London to celebrate their new range featuring possibly the most famous cartoon cat in the world, Garfield.  We've been big fans of the work of Gemma Shiel (the mastermind behind Lazy Oaf) for a while, and this new collection is more of her genius splashed onto cropped jumpers, shirts and shorts, with full approval from Jim Davis himself, of course.  In fact Davis personally signed little notes that were slipped into our Garfield tote bags - I'll be framing mine later.

Also, guys, they had miniature lasgnes on offer.  I can't even.  There were models draped elegantly over the amazing installations by Rosy Nicholas, whose collection with Fred Butler I regularly Google and lust over.  Two words: KNITTED SHOES.

You can now buy all the pieces from them online, or from their snazzy new shop in Ganton Street in London. I've already put several items on my wish list (oversized pink shirt and jeans, Garfield socks with little ears and rucksack - you will be mine) but in general I just want to dress Jeremy up in every piece and make him wear it constantly and also buy a big fat ginger cat and make it live on pastel pink carpet amongst silver ribbon.

Friday, 25 April 2014


I'm very excited to have a stall at Rumble In The Jumble tomorrow, the 26th of April.  It's the third time The Music Circle (which is a subsidiary of The Circle - a group of women in the music industry working with Oxfam to fight poverty and inequality, founded by Annie Lennox) has hosted one of these sales to raise money for the charity.  Last year they scored over £16,000 with donations from Damon Albarn, Alison Mosshart, Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe and Annie Mac.

I will be trundling down with some of my own clothes to sell, alongside donations from Little Boots and Anna Prior from Metronomy, and two big sacks of goodies kindly sent over by River Island, including these bits.

There will also be lots of celebrity items to buy including...

– Annie Lennox's hand-written lyrics for 'Sweet Dreams'.
– David Gandy's suit.
– Anna Calvi's Gucci heels.
– The four-track recorder that Suede's Brett Anderson recorded early b-side 'He's Dead' on.
– The shoes Garbage's Shirley Manson wore in the video for 'Blood For Poppies'.
– Lauren Laverne's Marc Jacobs dresses and her leopard print coat.
– A signed Florence and the Machine screen print.

I'll race you to those Shirley Manson heels...and Lauren Laverne's leopard coat...and, well, everything.
There are also amazing donations from loads of bands, presenters and other kind people including Fearne Cotton, Arcade Fire, London Grammar, Chloe Howl and Alt-J.  And lots of brands, labels and magazines have been very generous too, big shout out to ASOS, Clarks, Dazed & Confused, Whistles and Dr Martens.  Oh and there will also be food from Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa, a pop-up Smashbox makeup studio, a Bumble & Bumble hair salon, tea and cake, Prosecco and punch on the terrace, a raffle to win festival tickets, and a mother frickin' photo booth. 

It's going to be an amazing jam-packed day of fun.  If you want to come just turn up at The Oval space in London, E2 with £3 to pay on the door and a bag of jumble.  Oh and hang out with me!  

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


If I was really honest with myself, I would have to say that my heart has only really been broken once. And it was by this film.  I remember watching it in the cinema as a young teenager, who had never spoken to a boy, and had one broken arm wrapped up in a cast (irrelevant).  I knew what was coming at the end of the film, but still, for days afterward I moped around the house.  I looked wistfully out of the window.  I sighed a lot.  It all seemed incredibly painful - no one had ever loved me the way Romeo and Juliet loved each other.  And how tragic that their love, so pure and innocent, was thwarted because of that one true enemy of all teenagers everywhere: parents.  

Of course now I rewatch the film and realise that R+J were kind of dumb.  They got married after two conversations with each other.  They (spoiler alert) were messing around with deadly drugs and guns. They decided to put relative strangers before their friends and families.  But then isn't that what being a teenager is all about?  Allowing emotions to completely dictate your decisions?  Rebelling even when you know it's almost definitely not going to end well?  

So in some ways it's cathartic to look back on this film and scoff. It's like looking at an ex who broke your heart on Facebook and feeling smug that you're over them now.  Oh, but then you stumble across a photo that catapults you straight back to 1996 and the way you felt once, and it's suddenly all so real, and just...there.  

Sorry, I need to take a moment. 

Anyway, which family would you like to be from?  Capulet?

Thursday, 17 April 2014


We got back from our US mini tour last night, so I'm writing this in a grog-tastic jetlagged state.  Please forgive any spelling mistakes, I'm sure I will make laods. 

Over the past two weeks we have played shows in LA, Washington DC, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and they were all great - thank you so much if you came to see us, we love the US and are already looking forward to our next trip.  (How's next week for you guys? )

Around the shows we spent a lot of time checking out the areas where we were staying, and when it comes to Brooklyn that means getting to go thrift shopping.  There are so many amazing vintage and charity shops in Williamsburg and the surrounding areas but I will always have a soft spot for Beacon's Closet.  I first went there almost ten years ago when there wasn't much in Williamsburg other than a few coffee shops, a great Thai restaurant, and this bad-ass haven of second hand clothes.  Nowadays Beacon's Closet has a lot of competition and I'm sure there are far better vintage emporiums to be found, but to me it's Old Faithful.  I never fail to find a drool-worthy bargain amongst the rails of clothes, and this trip was no exception - check out the Anna Sui and Michael Kors shoes just hanging out on the shelves, gathering dust.  This time I couldn't buy much as our suitcases were already bursting with M&M's and root beer, but that didn't stop me bringing my huge Made In Hell-A bag just in case I needed to fill it up.  

Made in Hell-A are an awesome little label from LA who make T-shirts, jumpers, caps and bags that poke fun at designers with supremely punny slogans, like 'Praduh' and 'Donezo'.  I'm going to do a proper piece on them soon, I'm a big fan.

Other stuff Brooklyn does really well are murals and tacos.  To be fair, LA is also chock-full of wall paintings, and they're not too shabby when it comes to Mexican trucks either, but Jeremy insisted his lunch from Tacos Morelos on North 7th and Bedford was one of the best ever, and I refuse to argue with that man (apart from over who gets to eat the last peanut butter M&M).