Thursday, 17 April 2014


We got back from our US mini tour last night, so I'm writing this in a grog-tastic jetlagged state.  Please forgive any spelling mistakes, I'm sure I will make laods. 

Over the past two weeks we have played shows in LA, Washington DC, Brooklyn and Manhattan, and they were all great - thank you so much if you came to see us, we love the US and are already looking forward to our next trip.  (How's next week for you guys? )

Around the shows we spent a lot of time checking out the areas where we were staying, and when it comes to Brooklyn that means getting to go thrift shopping.  There are so many amazing vintage and charity shops in Williamsburg and the surrounding areas but I will always have a soft spot for Beacon's Closet.  I first went there almost ten years ago when there wasn't much in Williamsburg other than a few coffee shops, a great Thai restaurant, and this bad-ass haven of second hand clothes.  Nowadays Beacon's Closet has a lot of competition and I'm sure there are far better vintage emporiums to be found, but to me it's Old Faithful.  I never fail to find a drool-worthy bargain amongst the rails of clothes, and this trip was no exception - check out the Anna Sui and Michael Kors shoes just hanging out on the shelves, gathering dust.  This time I couldn't buy much as our suitcases were already bursting with M&M's and root beer, but that didn't stop me bringing my huge Made In Hell-A bag just in case I needed to fill it up.  

Made in Hell-A are an awesome little label from LA who make T-shirts, jumpers, caps and bags that poke fun at designers with supremely punny slogans, like 'Praduh' and 'Donezo'.  I'm going to do a proper piece on them soon, I'm a big fan.

Other stuff Brooklyn does really well are murals and tacos.  To be fair, LA is also chock-full of wall paintings, and they're not too shabby when it comes to Mexican trucks either, but Jeremy insisted his lunch from Tacos Morelos on North 7th and Bedford was one of the best ever, and I refuse to argue with that man (apart from over who gets to eat the last peanut butter M&M). 

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