Monday, 28 April 2014


Last week we went to Lazy Oaf's event in London to celebrate their new range featuring possibly the most famous cartoon cat in the world, Garfield.  We've been big fans of the work of Gemma Shiel (the mastermind behind Lazy Oaf) for a while, and this new collection is more of her genius splashed onto cropped jumpers, shirts and shorts, with full approval from Jim Davis himself, of course.  In fact Davis personally signed little notes that were slipped into our Garfield tote bags - I'll be framing mine later.

Also, guys, they had miniature lasgnes on offer.  I can't even.  There were models draped elegantly over the amazing installations by Rosy Nicholas, whose collection with Fred Butler I regularly Google and lust over.  Two words: KNITTED SHOES.

You can now buy all the pieces from them online, or from their snazzy new shop in Ganton Street in London. I've already put several items on my wish list (oversized pink shirt and jeans, Garfield socks with little ears and rucksack - you will be mine) but in general I just want to dress Jeremy up in every piece and make him wear it constantly and also buy a big fat ginger cat and make it live on pastel pink carpet amongst silver ribbon.

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