Saturday, 12 April 2014


We've been in Callifornia the last couple of weeks having amazing family times and soaking up the sunshine. Although I got heat rash because apparently I'm so pale I'm actually allergic to that yellow ball of fire in the sky.  One day last week we spent some time in Venice Beach, LA, a mixture of beautiful and unusual houses on the canals (see below) and medicinal marijuana shops and dreadlocks on the boardwalk.  There are also a lot of murals.  I like murals.

I was pretty chuffed when Jeremy spotted a The Craft-esque shop on Abbot Kinney - a beautiful street packed with lots of shops selling gorgeous furniture and clothes.  The sign outside offered the chance to build a celebrity brand FOR FREE!  And inside there were loads of helpful books with information about local ghosts, and how to harness the spiritual power contained within your child.  

For lunch I went to Poke-Poke a little hole in the wall near the boardwalk.  They sell big chunks of raw tuna marinated in sesame oil and shoyu, and laid on brown rice.  It was amazing.  Jeremy got a sandwich from GTA, the takeaway bit of Gjelina.  This place was so good.  Look at those brownies and cookies, and what is a Berry Buckle?!  It looks wonderful. 

I was wearing my checked trousers from Missguided, which are my current favourites, and a crop from Mango, and I love this ASOS white book bag.  Oh and I was covered with factor 50 suncream.  #AlwaysPale.  We're playing in Brooklyn tonight, come on down!

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