Friday, 16 May 2014


OK, so this post should actually be called 'Inspired By: That One Scene In The Royal Tenenbaums When Margot Has Brown Hair And Wears 15 Denier Tights' (see above).  I'm not blonde, and I don't have a bob, so therefore I will never truly be able to re-create Margot Tenenbaum's signature look, or the placid stare that makes her the amazing woman she is.

However, as always, it was fun to dress like one of my movie heroines - I'd never put liner on my bottom lashes before today.  Big moment guys!  I don't think I would have ever thought of putting a Lacoste tennis dress with loafers and a fur coat (Margot's is full length by the way.  And definitely not leopard print).  It seems a bit wrong to team something so summery with a coat that is definitely made to be worn from October to March.  But then Margot is very unconventional.  

The loafers are from Truffle, the coat is from ASOS, and the weird desire to cut off my finger with an axe and fall for my suicidal adopted brother is all Margot. 

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