Thursday, 22 May 2014


There were so many outfits I could have chosen as inspiration for today's outfit post, but after my Style Dissection of the show I was swayed by Sabrina and Zelda's prediliction for red when it comes to their Christmas wardrobes (see pictures below).  And yeah, I know it's not even June, but I like to plan ahead.

I also picked up this Pull&Bear cat purse and ASOS cat ears watch to represent the awesome-ness that is Salem Saberhagen.  The dress is also from ASOS.  I had to have Sabrina-esque mesh and Zelda-esque bell sleeves, so it was perfect.  The shoes are from Ganni, who are a Danish brand and as well as shoes make beautiful patterned dresses and silky kimonos.  I think Zelda would love those.  Now all I need to do is save up enough money to buy their real-life house in New Jersey, turn it back into a home, and discover those latent magical powers I DEFINITELY have.

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