Thursday, 1 May 2014


I've already signed, sealed and delivered an SD (that sounds dodgy) of the first Sabrina The Teenage Witch film - there are three by the way - but now it's time to pull apart the TV show itself.  As a young teenager I thought this series was perfection.  I always wanted to be a witch, or at least learn to be in control of myself and my life the way someone with magical powers was.  Also I loved the Spellman's house and in particular Sabrina's bedroom.  Here is said room in its normal state:

Can you say LAVA LAMP?
And this is her bedroom when Salem accidentally eats the Time Ball she's made and the whole world goes back to the 60's.  Yes, Time Ball...why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?

Anyway, I digress.  I often rewatch the show, pretty much once a year year, and it's still wonderful.  Plus I notice so much about it that was lost on me when I was 13.  Sabrina is really, really smart.  Despite messing up every episode she always gets A's, she's super confident and funny, and she's a Good Person.  She even tries to understand why Libby "Ew" Chessler is so horrible to her.  Her aunts are also amazing - Zelda is this brilliant science genius and inventor, and Hilda is the raddest I-Genuinely-Don't-Give-A-Fuck hilarious heroine.  Sure they're a bit naggy, and the show itself is cookie-cutter moral perfection, but I'm so glad I grew up watching some pretty frickin' strong women.  

So it feels like I'm slightly undermining all of that to say, "And here are some pictures of them looking really pretty in nice clothes", but at the same time, that's another element of the show I really appreciated, and their whole "togetherness" as characters was supported and reinforced by their excellent wardrobes.  And you know what?  I like it when people look good and I'm OK with that. OFF OK?

I've picked Season Two to dissect as it seems to be the golden age for their outfits, and also I want to do this properly and very in-depth.  I may also dissect the other Seasons.  Five is a particularly interesting one as it's when Sabrina goes to College and discovers mesh tops and leather pants, which I think also coincided with Melissa Joan Hart discovering mesh tops and leather pants.  The combined joy and pain of growing up on TV. 

Season Two Sabrina likes to wear all of one colour.  Everything from shoes to tights, to chokers and even eye shadow. 

These patent leather buckle shoes below are driving me crazy like Adrian Grenier. 

My absolute favourite example of her colour matching is this purple ensemble below. She starts with the lightest hue on top and lets it gradually get darker until her shoes are decidedly blackberry.  It works like a dream. 

Despite my desire to recreate a lot of 90's looks, this outfit below is one I probably wouldn't want to attempt now, but that doesn't stop me from loving it.  The fluffy hood, the hair, the choker and the boots make me weep with joy. In fact all of these outfits are really making me want some knee high boots. 

I mean, just look how good the boots look with this mustard roll neck and black mod dress.  

And check them out here with this black mini-skirt and mesh top decorated with a sequin heart. Need. 

Hey, speaking of 60's dresses, I'm signing up to the fan letter for this Halloween orange and black one, below. 

This was the year Hilda and Zelda ordered new furniture from the Other Realm that talked, Valerie made Sabrina have a party and then came dressed as a chicken, Zelda accidentally made a river of candy corn, and then the floor got termites and Valerie fell through it.  Still in her chicken costume.  Oh and 10,000 Maniacs played.  

"Hi, is that reality calling?  I NEED TO CHECK IN"

Sabrina is very into her mini-skirts.  She has several that have a small slit on one side, and I think they look great. 

Shout out to the red velvet top and the white mesh thistle (?) number.  Also, rings.  There are a lot of rings worn in the show.  Both by Sabrina and her aunts. 

I love Sabrina's off-duty look in the picture above with the scrunchie and Adidas.  She does relaxing at home looks very well.  Stone washed jeans and long sleeved T-shirts feature heavily. 

(In other news: oh my goodness the Quiz Master had a nuts wardrobe). 

Of course, sometimes her magical abilities affected the way Sabrina dressed, for example when she had to go to witch Boot Camp. 

Or when she had to babysit her evil cousin Amanda (played by MJH's real life sister) and was turned into a doll. 

Or when she wanted to find out what boys talked about when girls weren't around, so she turned herself into the opposite sex.  I have to say, if I were a witch this would be one of the first things I would do too.  Not to hear what boys say really, more for the experience.  But I bet I'd be really disappointed by how ugly a boy I'd be. 

Hilda and Zelda also change genders this episode, which is SO GOOD. 

Going back to the Time Ball, I love Sabrina's 60's looks.  At the River Island press day yesterday there were a lot of these camel-hued capes and big boots.  I'm very into it. 

Valerie's belted cardigan, nude lipstick and false lashes also warrant a big fat thumbs up. 

Aw, Harvey.  I loved Harvey.  Look how cute he and Sabrina are when they wear similar colours and prints. 

Look how cute they are just having a chat in the hall. 

And when they're all ready to get into the ski bus to go on their ski trip wearing all their ski clothes. 

I want more ear piercings.  

Woah this piece is getting long, I could do this all day.  OK, focus, let's look at Zelda.  Silver crushed velvet top and beige trousers Zelda. 

How'd you like that?  What about Zelda in animal print?

Hilda in animal print? (This outfit is perfect BTW FTR)

Maybe you'd like to see their gothic witchy Halloween outfits? #bellsleeves #crochet

Or Zelda's immaculate Christmas outfit?  THE RED SHOES.


That festive season she also wears this green look, with one of those chain belts that used to be popular even though they held up absolutely nothing. 


This year I'm going to wear red suede and velvet on the 25th and not just pick clothes based on the fact they'll give me more room to eat. 

Imagine coming down to breakfast and seeing these two beauties hanging out. 

Or having your cat eat your Time Ball and finding your guardians cross legged with plaits and headbands. #TimeBall

Wouldn't it be good to be able to borrow/steal clothes from these wardrobes?

I don't know, I just think maybe you should consider it. 

Hey guys, in one episode Sabrina had cornrows. 

And in another episode she got all cosy with this brown fur 3/4 length coat.  And what were those headband things called that she's wearing?  They always looked like they'd be intensely painful after a couple of hours. 

Valerie's sheepskin jacket?  Also excellent. 

Out of all her intro looks that Sabrina magicked herself into, this was my favourite.  In case you're doing a survey. 

She looks great in orange, which is not something you can say about a lot of people.  She can even wear orange and red together and it works.  Now THAT'S magic. 

I nearly forgot one of my favourite outfits of the series, this little lace-edged monochrome jacket and matching top. 

And the double twisted bun hair is wonderful. 

OK, we need to end on some of Salem's best moments from this season. 

His "let's all party!" moment.

His waffle-head  moment. 

His blonde moment.

His 60's moment #TimeBall

And his gambling in a suit moment. 


  1. The Christmas look is so essential and I love that you included Salem <3

  2. I'm always surprised about all the velvet (esp in season 1, but I do see it has made its way onto this list) in all its various colors. If you ever do a season 1 post, you should def mention that!

  3. This post is fantastic! This is my all time favorite show and a major reason is the fashion in the early seasons! Wouldn't it be great if a fast fashion store like Forever 21 came out with a Sabrina the Teenage witch collection with replicas of her outfits?!

    1. I so agree with you! I would LOVE a shop to do a Sabrina line of clothing!!! :D

  4. I really really like her style, always perfect and cool. And her handsome boyfriend!!
    Her hair that is always perfect

  5. I love all the long sleeves with skirts. So pretty. Side note, Salem wasn't gambling, he was trying to buy some sushi.