Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Last week we went to Sheffield with the rest of  the Beyond Clueless team for the UK premiere of the film, and our first performance of the live score at The Crucible.  Here we are in our official jackets in front of a yellow American school bus, accessorising with red cups. 

The Crucible is a beautiful venue, one of the finest we've ever played in.  It also has orange seats. 

Charlie Lyne, the director of the documentary, came to soundcheck to check everything was working properly, and that we weren't going to be TERRIBLE.  He was wearing white trainers, black jeans and this authentic F.R.I.E.N.D.S T-Shirt.  He calls this look Nervous Stage Hand Who Is Worried He'll Accidentally Call Jennifer Anniston "Rachel" The First Time He Meets Her. 

It's important to fuel up before a gig, especially when it's an important one, as adrenaline burns those calories right up.  We went to Tamper for a hearty brunch and a hot milo (malted chocolate drink) which they serve with "textured" milk.  

Jeremy got some foam on his nose and it took all my willpower to tell him as I was sort of desperate for him to still have foam nose while on stage. 

The brunch was very strong. 

Although I ate it so quickly I was a bit worried I would be burping through every song. Although what could be more Frat than that?  Which is what I must have been pondering in this photo below. 

Charlie was really excited about the premiere and the live score. 

We had our good friends, and excellent musicians, Matt and Nathan on stage with us.  Here's the band backstage in our jackets, seconds before the show began.  I dressed up my outfit using two hands as shoulderpads, I think it works.

The score went really well, thanks for asking.  If you came to watch, thank you so much, we really appreciate it, as without an audience our job sort of doesn't make sense.  We'll also be doing the live score at Latitude Festival on the Sunday night, and at the BFI in London on the 8th of August.  We're also releasing the soundtrack to the film on vinyl and digital download on August 4th.  You can hear the title track from the album RIGHT NOW by clicking on the play button below.  Yay!  Technology!

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  1. Looks fab - would love to see the movie and of course enjoy your soundtrack as well.
    Will it be released on DVD and/or Blu-ray?