Friday, 11 July 2014


John Allison, award winner and hilarious person, writer of the much-lauded online comic Bad Machinery, and well-known London Underground speech giver, wrote this book.  It was actually released in spring 2013 (there is now even a Volume 2!), so god knows why it's taken me till now to write about it, but after finding it in the new super-modern Foyles last week I re-read our copy and fell in love all over again.  I can't recommend Bad Machinery enough, John regularly makes me laugh out loud - he's so quippy! - while the narrative is mysterious and compelling.  And the amazing thing is that it's all online, you can start from the beginning and have years of story to go through, ugh I'm so jealous.  But who doesn't love a book?  I do, because it's hard to read webcomics in the bath.  And this, my friends, is prime bath-time literature.

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