Wednesday, 23 July 2014



Yellow.  Tartan.  I am wearing yellow. Tartan.

Deandri are a great label based in LA, they're very small - I had to use all my US postal knowledge skills to get this delivered to me in the UK - and they specialise in tartan, mesh and dresses and co-ords with wide collars.  They also make pretty amazing shoes, seriously, their website has all the good stuff.

I was split between Cher Horowitz's yellow and Dionne's red tartan, but in the end I decided this colour was the most classic.  Deandri are pretty open about being inspired by Clueless but they like to put their own twist on things, and they are more than just bright-hued tartan.  Oh, and of course I'm also wearing this in honour of Iggy Azalea who I bloody love and a while ago made the best music video film homage ever.

Also special mention to my Vagabond boots, which I wear all the time and have for over a year now.  They're so comfortable and when my old ones cracked prematurely they sent me a new pair as replacement, which is amazing customer service.  Solid footwear.

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