Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Meet my Caboodle,  AKA possibly the best thing to ever happen to my life. Think of the touring possibilities!  The snacks and strepsils I can put in this baby!  The space for my earplugs and hair products!  I read up about Caboodles a lot when I was researching my piece on Almost Famous for Noisey as in the film Penny Lane has a tackle box she takes on the road which is a very early version of the Caboodle boxes that sprung up in the late '80s.  (Cher Horowitz also has a silver one FYI).  Caboodle's creations were actually based on a very similar tackle box to the one Penny has, which the designers saw Vanna White using in 1986 in People Magazine backstage at Wheel Of Fortune.  

You can still buy brand new Caboodles today, but my intense attraction for anything '90s led me to look for a vintage one on Etsy.  I've packed it full of scrunchies, crappy eyeshadow, friendship bracelets and glittery nail varnish - exactly what I would have used in the '90s (and, err, still use now).  This is what true love looks like. (This is me trying to be Penny Lane with my Caboodle). 

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  1. I remember these! Now I'm dying for another.