Wednesday, 20 August 2014


This week I wrote about the music and style in Almost Famous - my personal favourite of Cameron Crowe's oeuvre - for Noisey.  That West Coast music scene in the '70s was all about big hair, boho, fur, leather and suede,  so I tried to incorporate all that into my outfit.  And then added an ankle chain.  Penny Lane, Crowe's top "band aid" (based loosely on real-life model, musician and lover of rock stars Bebe Buell) ended up being treated pretty badly by the man she loved.  But before that happened she spent a summer on the tour bus with Stillwater, seeing America and swearing at school girls, doling out rock 'n' roll wisdom to the innocent William Miller.  I would argue that it's impossible to watch the film and not fall a little bit in love with Ms. Lane.

I'm carrying my trusty pale purple Caboodle, which is the closest thing I have to Penny's tackle box that she uses to store essential tour supplies.  (I'm going to do a separate post about this box as it deserves it).  Needless to say, it's awesome.  The clothes: the shoes are my Swedish Hasbeens I've had for years, the skirt is from Y.A.S. (you can get something similar from Forever 21 for £7.99 - how does that work?!) the top and jacket are from ASOS.  The necklace and anklet (yes, ANKLET) are both items I've had in my possession for a looooong time.

Guys, it's all happening.

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