Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Yep.  So this week I roped Jeremy into dressing up as Jerry Seinfeld, while I tried to emulate the style of the excellent Elaine Benes.  We also strongly considered dressing up as George and Kramer (bagsy I get to be Costanza) but maybe we'll do that another time.  I definitely want Jeremy to only wear this outfit from now on AND NOTHING ELSE.  I might hide the rest of his clothes.  I don't think he's ever had anything that tight on his waist before, but damn those jeans look good!  They're vintage Levis 501s AKA the dad jean of the '90s.  The suede bomber (hubba hubba) and burgundy shirt are both from ASOS, and the box fresh Air Max 90s are of course from Nike.  I feel like that sneakerhead Jerry would approve.  

I'm wearing a vintage floral maxi dress I've had for about a hundred million years, ditto the white T-shirt, ankle socks and black waistcoat (Elaine likes to layer).  The denim jacket is from Missguided, the shoes are from Dune (similar here), and the bag is one I got a while ago from Pull&Bear.  

Below is my interpretation of Elaine's "STELLA" that she does when she has taken too many painkillers. 


  1. I love your shoes! Great photoset!

  2. DAMN YOU its 20 degrees outside but instead of sunbathing I'm trawling through your blog posts because I am loving everything that is popping up and now you do a Seinfeld post! So good!! Did you do the Elaine dance ?!