Sunday, 3 August 2014


I loved Jane magazine. I had a subscription and my back issues are among my most prized possesions.  I was looking through one the other day and was once again struck by how funny, irreverent and great looking they were.  Edited by Jane Pratt (who of course founded Sassy and xoJane, and helped Tavi Gevinson with Rookie), they feature articles on Jenny Lewis' snow globe collection, how the Jane team tried to prank the Oscars gift bags by selling the company who puts them together bologna shaped like the famous statuettes.  They also encouraged celebrities to write their own captions for paparazzi shots of themselves, and have a "Beauty Dare".  This months' was trying out tourist braids, the hairstyle Monica Gellar had in the Bahamas in Friends, with hilarious consequences.

Sure, they still cover similar topics as other womens' mags - clothes, hairstyles, makeup, but with a twist.  For example suggesting products you should use when you're about to ride the crimson wave (so very Cher Horowitz), or how to make yourself look better when you're suffering from a super bad cold.  And they play with the idea of the magazine fashion spread - this time it's a story based around the internal monologue of a young starlet: "I should not have been at Bungalow 8 until 4am".  I will also love them forever for including a Boss delay guitar pedal in their list of things they're excited about that month.

I'm also a big fan of their "Ask Jane's Mom" letter section, where you, well, ask Jane's mom something.  And who wouldn't love that little anecdote about James "Ted" Franco on their back page.  I really want to put that photo of him from his High School yearbook on instagram and tag him.  Oh, and did anyone watch Rollergirls??

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