Monday, 29 September 2014


There are a lot of things about the job of being in a band which are tough. It can be heartbreaking, exhausting, you have to motivate yourself to get up and do something every day, and then of course people might just not like your music, or even worse, not care.  

But then there are the days you're added last-minute to a festival in Rome and you get to go there for a couple of days and eat ice cream and walk around the city for hours and hours.  Those days are amazing.  As capital cities go Rome is pretty unusual. It's like a living breathing museum.  Modern architecture is thin on the ground, most of the streets are cobbled - mad respect to the many women who walk around on them all day in collossal high heels and wedges - it's beautiful to the nth degree.  It's actually almost too beautiful; by our third day there it wasn't just our tummies that were full up, my eyes were seriously knackered from gazing upon yet another ornate balcony or crumbling terracotta wall covered in ivy.  

I took my new Native Rose dress with us, I love it.  It's a patchwork of three different fabrics (which is a style the East London label really excel at), the cut is great, and I'm getting really into three quarter length sleeves.  Tell.  Everyone. 

I'm going to do another post where I talk more about the food places we went - we got very serious about pizza and gelato this time - but in one of the pictures above Jeremy is eating a candied satsuma.  That is a satsuma that has been candied, all of it, even the rind and seeds.  It was fantastic, so I'm not sure why he's making a sad face.  Maybe he was about to cry with happiness?   

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