Thursday, 18 September 2014


He NAILED IT.  This is late '60s rock and roll dreams, but with a very 2015 twist in terms of the cuts and textures.  And so. Many. Stars.  Stars on fur, stars on sequins, stars on gauzy floaty pleats, stars on chunky wool cardigans over silky shifts, stars cut out of the hems of suede dresses...and when there weren't enough stars on the clothes they painted them on the models' skin.  Also ONLY boots, and patchwork denim?  Sure.  Hilfiger was inspired by music festivals he went to as a young 'un - watching bands like The Who, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix, but he's obviously got his business head decidedly in the present day - festival fashion is massive.  Personally I loved the abundance of crochet, the capes and those Penny Lane-esque suede short hems covered up with furs.  I want to wear versions of all these outfits right now, who cares if it's nearly winter?  That's what skin coloured tights are for.

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