Friday, 17 October 2014


For my birthday this year one of my best friends Eleanor (who, incidentally, is a nominee for the Women Of The Future awards, wow) gave me this beautiful book and it hasn't really left my side since.  It's a fantastic textbook for style and beauty, a weighty catalogue featuring some of the best and most badass women around - Tavi Gevinson, Leanne Shapton, Kim Gordon, Lena Dunham and about six hundred other marvels.  It ranges from interviews with ladies who strive to keep their curls natural (very relevant to my interests) to photos of collections of sunglasses, shoes and nail varnish.  It also goes deep into why we choose the clothes we wear, maybe you like wearing trainers because your big brother loved them and you wanted to be like him, perhaps you're not a fan of varnish because you love biting your nails instead.  It's a nice reminder that fashion is more than trends and magazines and runways, we dress with our hearts as well as our heads.  Miranda July, who is pretty widely accepted as one of the best people alive right now, has a great piece where thirty six women dress in each others favourite outfits, it's a pretty amazing way of showing how clothes are more than just fabric - they're cultural signifiers, they're political,  As someone who loves trying on different people's or characters looks, I love this idea.  If you want to contribute to the project (and I imagine potentially a future book) you can fill out a survey.  A brilliant book, thanks Ellie!

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