Thursday, 27 November 2014


Before she moved to LA, Emmy was the Woman In Music I was closest to, we pooled our weird obsessions with Sweet Valley High, Dawson's Creek and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's friendship and turned them into odd projects, bonkers songs and potential TV and film scripts, and I adored her.  Now when I'm waking up she's going to sleep, I scroll through her Instagram pictures feeling jealous of all her beautiful American friends, wondering what hilarious thing she's just said to them to make them all fold over laughing.  We still send emails but now there are acres of time between replies, and when I'm in the US, she's over here and vice versa.  Somehow we've found ourselves in a long distance relationship, and I'll be honest, I'm struggling.

I first heard her demo of this song a long time ago, and played it on repeat then.  Now it's bolder, warmer, but far more haunting.  I'm completely obsessed, mainly because I'm positive it must be about me, right Emma?  Actually wait, no it's about me, but it's about my feels towards her new life.  She's so perceptive.  Whatever, I  miss my exceptionally talented pal, and this song is perfect.