Friday, 19 December 2014


I recently finished watching 'Gilmore Girls' for the first time.  Now when someone asks me if they should start watching this TV show classic of the early 2000s, I say immediately, "No.  Absolutely not.  I would not recommend that".  The reason?  Because if you start, you will not be able to stop. For several months I lived in Stars Hollow, the town the Gilmore women call home.  I cried when they cried, my heart would beat faster and faster before every kiss, and I fell completely in love with them both.  Now that's a great thing for a show to have, right?  Characters you adore and want to spend endless amounts of time with?  Well the problem for me was that, since I was coming late to the party, I could spend  - not endless - but seven seasons of time with them.  And I did.  Around season five it got to the point where I was looking forward to it being over, because then I'd be able to get on with my life.  I was so invested in them and their stories that I couldn't give it up, but at the same time I realised that until I finished watching, I wouldn't think about much else.  It was like being addicted to a drug that you know they're going to stop making on a certain date, so you carry on using the drug until then.  And you know it will be hard when you can't get the drug anymore but you're also secretly going to be relieved because being addicted to something is kind of tricky when you need to have a life and see your friends and work and stuff. 

This is one of the best shows I have ever watched, it's funny, it's smart, it's consistently engaging from beginning to end, and I strongly recommend you steer clear of it.

I'm going to be doing a rundown of some of my favourite moments for each character, I warn you this post contains tonnes of spoilers, but that's OK because you're not going to start watching it anyway are you?  ARE YOU?  First up is Lorelai Gilmore, mother to Rory, daughter to Emily and Richard, inn-owner, lover of good men, and coffee addict.  If I ever have kids I will  base my parenting style solely on how she is with Rory, and I say that as someone with incredible parents who I love very much and who, I think, did a great job with me and my sister (although it feels arrogant to say that you've been raised well).  

1.  When she supported Rory's decision to go to Yale, even though she'd always wanted her to go to Harvard.  This was an especially excellent slice of parenting because Rory's grandparents were desperate for her to go to Yale, so naturally that would have made Lorelai feel weird, but she pushed those resentful, rebellious emotions to one side and supported her daughter. 

2.  When she explained to her mother how to use the internet.

3.  When she was estranged from Rory and let her go off and do her own thing, even though her daughter was becoming more and more like the person Lorelai had tried to avoid turning into twenty years earlier.  Seriously, their reunion made me sob with joy more than any other relationship moment in the show.  

4.  When she knew her best friend was pregnant because Sookie's tastebuds stopped working.

5.  Everytime she sassed Luke and further cemented their onscreen relationship as a classic Hollywood couple - the grumpy but dreamy man, and the sharp-witted but vulnerable woman. 

6.  Whenever it snowed. 

7.  When she was at home watching 'A Star Is Born', and Judy Garland is singing 'The Man Who Got Away' and then Luke knocks on the door know. 

8.  The Friday night dinner where she, Rory, Emily and Richard sort out all of their big built up issues.  It's depicted as a long montage, at points they're all shouting, then they're eating sorbet, then they're laughing, then they're fighting again, then they're completely exhausted.  It goes on, and on, and it's one the best bits of TV I've ever seen.  

9. The crazy and creative ways she celebrates her daughter's birthdays. 

10.  How she talks along with every film. 

11.  When she is a super successful business woman and runs her own hotel, but it's no biggy. 

12.  When she eats junk food.  Constantly. 

13.  How she maintains her relationship with her mother, and always bats off Emily's put-downs with sarcasm and a shrug. 

14.  Her love of coffee. "If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one"

15. When she frickin' proposes. 

I know I've missed loads, so feel free to add more...


  1. I follow your blog/FB/Twitter/Instagram because I am a Summer Camp fan, so I've heard you mention Gilmore Girls before. So based upon those previous mentions, I watched the Pilot episode of Gilmore Girls three days ago. I am a sucker for small towns, inns, family, snow, and cute girls. So I hear your warnings and I will try to resist pushing play on the next episode. But I am taking next week off of work for Christmas and I don't know if I have enough will power. Thank you for the warning, though.

  2. Also Lane kim is freakin awesome, and so are all the musical references.

  3. Me and my mother became obsessed with that show! We were trying to find out if Stars Hollow was actually real so we could live there. Turns out that its not, but there is a town that influenced the place, sitting in Connecticut somewhere.
    Have you also learned all the words to the theme tune? Did that hobo guy with the accoustic guitar ever make enough money? Why did luke always wear that cap? Why did lorelei obsess over getting married in every season? Sooo many questions that will be unanswered!

    Anywho watch this, its WEIRD