Monday, 15 December 2014


We've just returned from the dreamiest holiday in St. Lucia (thanks Mum and Dad!) where we stayed in an amazing hotel, with bodacious food, excellent activities - BEACH VOLLEYBALL ANYONE? - and hot, hot, hot sun.  Oh and cats!  So.  Many.  Cats.

The island is beautiful, we took a trip to the rainforest and climbed a zillion feet in a sky gondola, then our guide grabbed starfruit off a tree for us.  I don't ever want to eat fruit in any other way, sorry Sainsbury's.  I packed my new Alice McCALL dress (I don't know why the 'Call' is in Caps, it always makes me feel like I should shout that bit of her name), which is decorated with a watermelon print.  Wow this post is very fruit-heavy.

I have been a long distance admirer of the Australian born designer's clothes, and when I saw this on sale I figured it was finally my chance to own a slice of her particular brand of heaven.  I guess I will have to put it away now until next Summer, but who cares, it's CHRRIIIISSSTTMMAAAAAASSSS.

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