Wednesday, 31 December 2014


White Pepper, the London brand who made this outfit, are my new baes.  I've loved their clothes for a long time - they always land in that sweet spot between ultra feminine but with a bit of toughness.  They're bold but comfortable.  They're white but they're pepper.

While we were in Paris over Christmas we stayed in this dreamy pink apartment - as my friend Laetitia said, we were living the Marie Antoinette dream.   It was pretty cool being able to match the curtains while wearing White Pepper's rose-hued polka dot organza party dress. Since it was extremely windy and cold during our stay I wore this white teddy bear coat all the time.  It's so cosy and will also keep me warm back home during the much-feted Coldest Winter Of All Time In England Ever Times A Million that we're going to experience over next few months.  But then they say that most years, and then it just rains all over New Years and I feel sad.  Although luckily this coat has a hood so I'm covered.  The shoes in the last photo are also from White Pepper, I love them but didn't have enough room in my suitcase to bring them to Paris because I'm a classic over-packer.  I'll be wearing them a lot in the future though so they'll appear on this blog many, many more times.

I love you Paris, I love you White Pepper, let's have a menage a trois.  Have an amazing New Years Eve and stay safe out there kids xxx

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  1. I really loved that Whitepepper dress and kinda gutted I didn't get it in the end. That apartment is amazing though! :)