Monday, 12 January 2015


I loved trying to dress like Ms. Burkhart.  I felt like I could be as sarcastic and shallow as she was (with a heart of gold, obviously).  And while I would never have been (able to be) a cheerleader in school, and I doubt the cheerleaders of today wear flares or crochet or white fur, it's nice to delude oneself.  Speaking of white fur, I was pretty pleased to find this jacket on ASOS which is very similar to the one Jackie wears in those chilly Wisconson winters.

Actually, this is a pretty ASOS affair, the jeans are also theirs, the crochet top is from a two piece I got ages ago and still love to death, and the not-really-visible-but-I-swear-they're-really-nice suede boots I'm wearing are these ones.  The bag is not from ASOS.  Sorry.

I don't know if I'm quite ready to wear flares properly, they remind me too much of when I was a teenager and wore them all the time, with studded belts and T-shirts I'd cut up myself.  And huge white hoop earrings.  Nat good.  Nat good at all.