Sunday, 22 March 2015


I am into ASOS magazine.  It reminds of magazines like Jane and Sassy, especially since a lot of the idea behind print magazines for women is to encourage those women to buy things.  ASOS magazine doesn't hide that, it's wide open about saying, "HEY LOOK AT THIS STUFF YOU MIGHT WANT TO SPEND YOUR PAY CHECK ON", and I appreciate that.  I hate getting a magazine and reading a piece only to have a niggling feeling and then, bam, you realise it's an advertorial.  I feel so duped!  I was suckered into thinking I needing Britney's new perfume!  Even though, of course it's an advertorial!  I'm not reading Proust here.  

I feel like ASOS magazine is more like the company explaining a bit more about their newest collection, while at the same time showing you how they would style it, which always gives me ideas.  But then there are also interviews with cool women doing cool stuff and I like reading about that.  Anyway, they featured this co-ord in the last issue and I have been checking on the site regularly waiting for it to show up - why can't you search by product number, ASOS?  Or is there a way you can do that but I just don't know how to?  Someone help me!  I forgot about it for a while then remembered the other day, and there it was!  Guys, it's just as wonderful as I dreamed it.  I'm wearing the skirt in particular loads, with bare legs even though it's cold and I fell over the other day and got a really bad cut on my knee.  

Styling wise I felt like I had to be kind of careful not to make it too Coachella #festivalfashion.  I love that Festival Fashion is now an actual style.  The other day on Who What Wear they had a piece about how not to dress too Festival Fashion, including suggestions of Festival Fashion outfits that weren't overly Festival Fashion.  Amazing.

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