Wednesday, 25 March 2015


A couple of years ago we played a show in Bangkok. We didn't know much about what was going to happen on that trip before we went - we were very green.  When we arrived we were met at the airport by two sisters, Pim and Matina Sukhahuta.  I remember they were very smiley, and very beautiful, and that we had flown in from Hong Kong and I hadn't really slept properly in 24 hours, was smelly, and dressed in weird brown khaki trousers and a faded USA flag vest.  When we arrived at the venue we realised this wasn't a normal show.  There was a team of people building the stage.  I think said stage had grass on it.  There were definitely wooden deer.  And they gave me two outfits to wear.  This was one of them. 

I treasure this jumpsuit.  

Matina also let me wear some of the amazing jewellery she designs onstage.  The show was probably our favourite ever.  The crowd were so friendly, I remember there was a guy with a camera attached to his head - why not? - and we had the best time.  Here's a photo of a song we did in the crowd.  I totally forgot Jeremy's moustache month!

We spent a couple of days in Bangkok with Pim and Matina and the lovely Choltida, who directs Supersweet Live. and basically organised everything.  They took us to temples and incredible restaurants - Jeremy still maintains that the best Mexican food he's ever eaten is the Mexican food in Bangkok.  What we didn't realise before that trip, but realised quickly once we arrived, is that not only are Pim and Matina supremely great human beings, they're also insanely talented designers.  Pim is the creative director of dreamy and surreal clothes label Sretsis (which is "sisters" backwards), and works with Matina and their other sister Kly on the brand.  It's truly a family affair.  Every season Sretsis produces pieces that are both totally whimsical and totally wearable.  I covet every item.  Their SS 2015 collection is no exception.  Wearing this stuff is the closest a person can get to being a real-life Jem or one of The Holograms.  The concept is all focused around Californian misfit rock stars.  You know what?  They say it best:

"Drawing inspiration from the eighties youth rebellion movement, Japanese-Anglo anime ‘Lum Invader’ and ‘Jem and the Holograms’, and synth-pop club kid’s attire made relevant with MTV. This season Sretsis takes you on a West Coast road trip, with “Neon Tropical”, through the streets of Sunset Boulevard complete with fancified street wear, onto downtown L.A. with glam-o-rama cocktail dresses fit for a pop-rock princess."

They have platform boots that look like vintage roller skates, lightning bolts everywhere, pastel pink zebra print and glittery gold biker jackets.  It's my favourite Sretsis collection yet, which is really saying something. 

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