Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I always think it would be so fun to be the art director for a teen film.  When we decorated our new place I wanted our bedroom to feel like it could be the set from one of my favourite movies.  A Kat Stratford haven, or somewhere Corey Mason would have called home.  So this Tumblr by Luke Goodsell is a vital resource.  Teen bedrooms will always be extrodinary as their decoration is often the first time that individual is able to express their...individuality.  They're nearly always cluttered with knick knacks and strange objects that hold immense significance to the owner.  And a fair share of dirty plates.  My bedroom as a teenager had floral wallpaper which I knew my mum wanted to get rid of at some point.  So I encouraged my friends to write and draw all over it.  It looked really weird and messy, and there were a lot of illustrations of willies.  Of course.  But I loved it.  I don't think any real life teenager could have a bedroom as cool as the teen bedrooms from these films - ironically it takes a certain amount of distance and adulthood in order to create a teen bedroom that's this perfect.

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  1. I loveedd the bedroom featured in Pretty In Pink..it was Andi's friend who happened to be a 45 year old record shop owner. Her flat was amazing! I loved the scene where shes slow dancing with Andi wearing her amazing 50s prom dress before it gets thoroughly DESTROYED