Monday, 25 May 2015


Our third album HOW HAVE WE MADE THREE ALBUMS?!  Is released today on Moshi.  We've released everything we've ever made with them, they're amazing, such wonderful people.  Thank you so much to everyone who has ever said or written anything nice about us/bought anything we've made/watched Beyond Clueless/wandered over to peer at us through the flaps of a tent at a festival/eaten burgers with us/liked pictures of us eating burgers/given us clothes to wear <3/made drawings for us/interviewed us/taken photos of us/made videos for us/paid their hard earned cash and left their houses and travelled to a venue and stood around and watched us play the songs we wrote together while wearing pajamas in a small bedroom in North London.  We love doing this so much and feel so lucky that we're able to do it at all.  It's a weird job but it's one we treasure.

This album is all about love, bad love (duh) which probably seems a bit weird since we're married.  But the truth is we're obsessed with relationships, perhaps even more so now we're in a happy one (with each other, not with other people).  Also the older you get the more you realise that love is incredibly complex, it's a churning mess that drags people in and either embraces them, or spits them out and runs away.  It's the thing we do to each other, ourselves, the world.  It's everything.  We write about teenage love a lot because that's the time in most peoples lives when that switch gets flicked and suddenly love isn't unconditional anymore.  Suddenly it has a whole load of conditions, and sometimes they really suck.  But this album is about grown up love too, because even your grandparents feel these things.  We're really proud of this album, we did it all ourselves (with some help obviously - no band is an island) and we feel like it's the closest to who we are and how we feel and what we want to sound like and say.  So if you like it then you could probably be our best friend.  If you don't like it that's OK.  It's not you, it's us.

Here's some upcoming shows:
Today - Gosh! Comics in London (acoustic)
Tuesday 26th - Rough Trade Nottingham (acoustic)
Wednesday 27th - Rough Trade East
Friday 29th - The Eagle Inn Salford
Monday June 1st - Victoria, Dalston, sold out :(
Friday 24th July - Musical Zoo, Brescia, ITALY
Tuesday September 29th - Village Underground, London

More info at Songkick

I'm going to do a post about all the films/books/TV shows/music that inspired this album soon.  But basically it was 90s Point Horror and Fear Street books, and 90s and 70s teen horror films. *bucket of pigs blood*

Also, this is an illustration Melissa Pierce did for us today to celebrate the release, how great is she! Just dropped it on our Twitter this morning like it ain't no thang.

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