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HEY GUYS!  Jeremy here with a Summer Camp-related post. Back to your usual service very soon.

So to go along with our new album we are publishing our very own zine! We have a lot of extremely talented friends and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase their talents in zine form.

We're doing a launch party (with acoustic performance) at the wonderful GOSH comics bookshop in Soho on Monday 25th, please come along! It's free entry and there's drinks. Starts at 7pm.

Oh - you can get the zine from here. Travelling Man (Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and York) will also stock it.

The contributors are:

John's something of a legend in the webcomics world - so much so that I first came across his work last century. He sets all his comics (Bobbins, Scarygoround, Bad Machinery and the new and hilarious Giant Days) in Tackleford, a sort of Yorkshire Condale where all kinds of stories, from suburban to fantastic,  rub against one another. 

Joe is a preposterously talented poet and writer. I think Elizabeth met him at a library benefit she did with Emmy The Great. He wrote the incredible Submarine, later a film directed by Richard Ayoade. And he runs, with Ross Sutherland, an occasional literary event in London called Homework. (He also has lovely hair). 

We were really excited to see what Emmy would come up with for the zine because we knew that as well as being an incredible singer/songwriter/popstar, she's an amazing writer. She came up with probably the strangest contribution, an oddly touching sci-fi dystopian tale told through the medium of Instagram. (If you don't know Emmy's music, stop what you're doing and listen to Swimming Pool immediately!)

Charlie Lyne - once a hilarious movie blogger - now makes films, notably Beyond Clueless, which we wrote the soundtrack for, of course. He asked Elizabeth to write for a zine he did back in... 2009? 2010? and is now finally returning the favour! His story is a wonderful meditation on what happens when you get what you want.

Babak Ganjei

I've known Babak for as long as I've been a professional musician - he played in Absentee, who were signed to Transgressive Records way back in the day, and we often toured together in the mid-00s. Now he mostly does visual art of various stripes. One of my favourite projects of his is the webcomic Hilarious Consequences and his recent Farage Blackout project is both topical and very amusing.

Our cover artist Julia is no stranger to the world of zines - she runs her own zine publishing, One Beat Zines, with Sarah Broadhurst. Her eye for detail & vivid colours are really something - I didn't realise for ages that the kid on the bike outside is Brian Krakow from My So-Called Life (and the namesake of a song from our 1st LP). 

The mysterious Timothy Winchester makes very sweet & funny comics. Believe it or not, he also runs a Dungeons & Dragons group that Elizabeth & I are a part of (along with some other lovely folk including Clark Burscough) - so as you'll see this comic is very much a fair representation of reality. Speaking of Clark...

Clark is part of the team that runs Thought Bubble, the UK's finest comic art festival, which takes place in Leeds every November. We weren't familiar with Lucie's art before but we're sure you'll agree it's quite lovely!

Ross is a poet, writer and performer we met through Joe Dunthorne and the Homework night they run together. He's incredibly talented - his most recent work, Stand By For Tape Backup, in which he plays back an old VHS belonging to his deceased grandfather, looping back over sections as he reminisces and memorialises, is one of the most extraordinary one-man shows we've ever seen. He's just turned it into a film with the help of Charlie Lyne, so watch out for that.

I'm not sure who this is.

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