Saturday, 30 May 2015


This is really just a post for all Londoners who are coming to our show on Monday at The Victoria in Dalston (can't wait, sorry everyone else).  We're doing a high school Prom theme for the show and would love it if you came dressed up - but also we know that some of you probably HATE dressing up so don't worry if you're not into it.  We promise it won't ruin your night.

When the screenings of Beyond Clueless were happening around the country at the beginning of the year it was so amazing when people showed up in outfits inspired by their favourite '90s teen movie stars.  And we want to completely and wholeheartedly steal that idea.  Also the shops are full of tartan shirts and high waisted jeans and crop tops these days so we don't feel like it's an insane stretch.

Also if there are any '70s teen characters you want to dress up as, that's very welcome too.  One of my favourite scary movies that inspired 'Bad Love' is the original Carrie, so feel free to come covered in pigs blood.

I dunno, maybe you want to be the normcore scream queen Sidney Prescott?

Or her bad girl best friend Tatum?

Boys, you could be her Jordan Catalano wannabe boyfriend Billy...

Or maybe you're more in-tune with the ultimate Beverly Hills babe Cher Horowitz?  Along with her best buddies Dionne and Tai.

Boys you could also dig the wardrobe of her grungy step brother from heaven, Josh.

Speaking of grunge, maybe you're more about those troubled record store Princesses, Corey and Gina?

Or their quirky Princes, A.J., Mark and Lucas...

Another one for the men, how about Zack Siler the jock with a heart of gold?

Or perhaps you want to try on the styles of the ultimate alt teen couple, Kat Stratford and Patrick Verona?


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