Friday, 15 May 2015


So you can buy clothes by weight now.  Did you know that was a thing?  At the moment it's just vintage but imagine if they extended it to high street brands, or even couture.  It would be like when I was a student and would get my lunch at the supermarket salad bar and make sure I picked the lighter options (as in weighed less) so I'd end up getting more food.  University skills guys, they matter.  I went to my first vintage kilo sale a couple of weeks ago at York Hall in Bethnal Green, right next to the Museum Of Childhood for all you dollhouse nerds out there.  I was very pleased with my purchases, and I am normally a terrible vintage shopper.  I have no patience for rummaging and feel intimidated by the confidence of other strong independent female vintagers.  But I didn't have to look very hard to find these '70s dresses, stripy tops and embroidered denim shorts.  It's also pretty amazing how much you can get, all this was one kilo.  The Vintage Kilo Sale moves around, it's basically a touring shop, so to find out when it's near you check their Facebook

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