Sunday, 28 June 2015


This is my ultimate brownie recipe, it makes fudgy, gooey intense squares of chocolate, and it's the one I've used for years.  In fact when we were funding our first album through Pledge I sold batches of these and sent them out.  I don't *think* anyone had any complaints or cases of food poisoning (oh god) and they're still my go-to bake when I want a lot of chocolate.

Most of getting brownies right - well if you consider brownies that are soft in the middle and crip on the outside "right" - is about the temperature of the oven and how long you cook them for.  You have to be brave because when you take them out of the oven they should seem pretty undercooked in the middle. And then you have to be strong and leave them for a very long time to set, no cutting them, nothing.  I always put mine in the fridge so they set quicker, but even then I don't touch them for at least four hours.  When you take them out of the oven a great way to test if they're done in the middle is to use a wooden toothpick.  A knife or fork is too big and will definitely come away with mixture on it even if they're cooked enough.  But for some reasons a toothpick is the ultimate brownie checking implement.  If you stick one in the midde and it comes away clean, then get them out of the oven immediately.  Also make sure you use a tin that isn't too small.  I use a square tin that's about 20cm x 20cm for mine.  

Seriously, it's all about the details.  

185g unsalted butter
185g high quality dark chocolate
85g plain flour (gluten free flour also works great with this recipe)
40g cocoa powder
50g white chocolate
50g milk chocolate
3 large eggs
275g brown sugar

Heat up the oven to fan 160C/conventional oven 180/gas mark 4, grease and line that perfect brownie tin I was talking about earlier.  

Use the bain marie method/microwave to melt the chocolate and the butter together.  (I usually buy 200g of dark chocolate and use the remaining 15g later to add to the brownies as extra chocolate chunks).  When it's melted take the pan off the heat and put to one side to cool.  Chop up the milk, white and remaining dark chocolate into chunks, about 1cm x 1cm, and put it aside till later.   In a seperate bowl whisk together the eggs and sugar until the mixture looks very frothy and creamy.  Pour in the chocolatey buttery liquid from earlier and stir it in very gently, using a figure of eight motion and a metal spoon.  Take your time, you want to keep in all the air from the eggs and sugar.  When it's properly mixed it should be a muddy brown colour.  Sieve in the cocoa powder and flour, and pour in the chocolate chunks.  Stir it all together using the figure of eight method again, and don't worry about having it all perfectly mixed in.  You want to err on the side of it being only just combined, brownies should never be over-stirred.  Pour it into the tin and cook for about 25-30 minutes, with my oven they take exactly 27 minutes (!) so you're going to have to trust your guts.  But if you take them out at 25 minutes and then later freak out they're not cooked enough, fear not! Just keep them in the fridge overnight and they'll set.  If you take them out at 25 minutes and they don't have a papery flakey top like my ones below then they definitely need longer.  


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