Tuesday, 16 June 2015


There are the clothes you wear because they're comfortable, the clothes you wear because they make you feel more confident or suit your shape, and the clothes you wear because of the event or the occasion.  But then, for me, there are the clothes I wear purely because they make me feel like someone else.  When I try to dress like Penny Lane from Almost Famous or search endlessly online for a bomber jacket similar to the one Andie Walsh wears in Pretty In Pink, it's for shallow aesthetical reasons, sure.  But it's also because I want to be like them.  I want to be as confident, funny and adventurous as Penny.  I want to be as creative and serious as Andie.  I want to dress like my favourite women (real as well as fictional) because of who they are, what they represent and what they've taught me, as much as that I think they look nice in corduroy.  For me the story of the outfit is as important as the clothes themselves.

Sretsis, who designed everything I'm wearing here (except the shoes) is the business baby of Pim Sukhahtua. But no woman is an island, and her sister Matina designs the accessories for Sretsis, while their older sister Kly oversees the brand.  We were lucky enough to meet Matina and Pim when we played a show with Supersweet in Bangkok a couple of years ago.  I loved these ladies, they were so funny, cool and smart.  They were dressed immaculately in their own designs, and they told us about how they were interested in creating a fictional world around their clothes (oh hello shared interests), so that the context is as important as the fabrics.  For their latest collection 'Runaway Rum' they were majorly inspired by Blondie, Bowie (e.g. the lightning bolt ring I'm wearing) and '80s era Madonna, Jem and The Holograms (and The Misfits) and Lum Invader, the protagonist from the manga and anime series Urusei Yatsura.  Also, roller discos.  I freaked out when I saw photos from their runway show and they were kind enough to send me some pieces.  These clothes are spectacular, I will cherish them forever.  The creativity and attention to detail is remarkable, I love the cut of the skirt, the studs on the jacket, and the fact my t-shirt came already beaten up.  And that bag.  With the lace up front and the chain straps.  This, for me, is what clothes and accessories should be.

This is an outfit that made me feel like I was ready to walk onto a film set in Santa Monica and start shooting a '70s B movie about the underground glam rock roller disco scene.  In short, I'm in heaven.

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